Many Americans have deep connections and emotional attachments to their pets. When a divorce occurs, however, a dispute may arise over which party should receive custody of the family dog. Unlike children, there are no “custody” laws involving pets in

The number of individuals getting divorced who are age 50 and older has risen considerably in recent years. In fact, individuals in this age group are twice as likely to get divorced as they were 20 years ago. These divorces

Divorce is not without some degree of resentment, conflict, and even hostility between the parties. Co-parenting during and following a divorce can be extremely difficult, especially when everyone’s emotions are running high. When divorcing parties share minor children, they have

While many grandparents have close relationships with their grandchildren, this is not the case in all families. Divorce, death, and disagreements all can lead to strained relationships between grandparents and the parents of their grandchildren. In some cases, grandparents may

We most often hear about prenuptial agreements in the context of highly publicized celebrity divorces. These cases cause the impression that prenuptial agreements are necessary only for the rich and famous. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Prenuptial

Washington law provides that when a couple divorces, all of their property is divided between the parties. Dividing some items of property is a relatively easy process, but some forms of property take more time and consideration than others. Property

Divorce often takes the life to which you have grown accustomed and turns it upside down. You may feel uncertain, confused, lost, and lonely at various points during your divorce proceedings. As a result of all of this chaos in

In the state of Washington, a court can order a parent to provide support for your children attending college or receiving vocational training. This type of support is called post-secondary child support and, in most cases, requires parents to return

While a divorce is stressful enough for the adults involved, divorce can be even more difficult for children, who may not always understand why you are separating. Divorce is likely to make children scared, uncertain, confused, sad, and/or angry. Given

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