Genetic testing occurs in the context of a parentage or paternity action, which is a formal legal proceeding in which a male can establish legal rights to a child as his or her biological father. Either the mother of the

Contempt of court is the legal procedure that you can use to enforce a court order against another individual. In the context of family law in the state of Washington, contempt issues often relate to the violation of provisions in

Like most states’ laws, Washington’s laws about child custody cases focus on the best interest of the child. There are a variety of factors that contribute to a child’s best interest, and a judge must consider those factors that are

While some divorce cases are pretty straightforward and do not take substantial amounts of time and money to resolve, other divorce cases are extremely complicated. When a couple owns significant assets, the property division and debt allocation process can take

The Washington Supreme Court recently considered this exact issue and issued a ruling earlier this year that all Washington trial courts now must follow. Previously, the relevant Washington law contained a loophole that arguably allowed a judge to favor a

In American society, most people are dependent on electronic devices as a means of communication. For some people, posting status updates on Facebook, pictures on Instagram, and having conversations with multiple people at the same time through texting, is the

When a couple is going through a divorce, they tend to focus on the most “important” issues, such as issues related to their child’s custody and visitation, child support, payment of marital debts, and possession of the marital residence. Other,

Collaborative or cooperative divorce is a process available under Washington law that allows two spouses to work together with their lawyers to reach an agreement on all of the issues in their divorce that is acceptable to both of them.

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