Ever since I was very young, I was always on my way somewhere to do something great in the world.Even if I had to ride 35 miles on my red tricycle to get it done at the age of four. As a young adult, I decided that “saving the world” was an appropriate ambition.In combination with this ambition, I have always been deeply passionate about helping others and making a difference wherever I found myself.

Originally from Spokane, WA; thispassion led me halfway across the country to work with my local community while in college in Nevada, MO. I then went on to obtain my BA in International Relations from American University in Washington, DC. My desire to help others has led me to work in a variety of settings including universities, not for profits, a marketing firm, and now Pacific Northwest Family Law. In addition to now working in the legal field, I have worked on a variety issues including public health, politics, women’s rights, advocacy, as well as international conflict and disaster relief.

It is now my privilege to work with every person one on one that contacts Pacific Northwest Family Law to assist them no matter where they find themselves as they walk through our doors. I view my position as saving the world one call at a time.