Kennewick Divorce Lawyer

If you or your former partner has recently chosen to pursue a divorce, a professional Kennewick divorce lawyer could help guide you through the process and assist with any additional issues that may arise along the way. A skilled family attorney could offer you aggressive representation in court so that your legal rights are not compromised by an unfair divorce proceeding. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated Kennewick divorce lawyer could help make a difference in your case today. En Español.

How to File for Divorce in Kennewick

Only a spouse who currently resides in the state of Washington may file for divorce there. This spouse must file in the Superior Court of Washington in the county in which either spouse resides. It is important to note that Washington state requires a minimum waiting period of 90 days before the court will finalize the divorce. This period begins once a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is filed with the court and the other spouse is served with that petition.

If both spouses choose to sign the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, the waiting period will begin at the time the document is signed. This petition should describe the filing spouse’s preference regarding how the couple’s property and debt should be divided, how spousal or child support should be paid, and how child custody should be decided.

Grounds for Divorce in Washington

There are typically two legal reasons for divorce in Washington, including fault-based and no-fault grounds. In states that emphasize fault-based grounds for divorce, divorcing spouses are required to discuss the reasons behind the divorce in court, such as issues involving infidelity. These grounds may impact the court’s decisions on accompanying issues such as alimony awards and child custody.

However, Washington is a no-fault state, meaning that the ultimate reason for a divorce will not impact a court’s decision. In Kennewick, divorcing spouses simply need to state that the marriage is irretrievably broken, and therefore incapable of repair. As long as the spouses were legally married, met all relevant Washington residency requirements, and correctly followed all necessary court procedures, the judge can then issue an order officially granting a couple’s divorce with the help of a knowledgeable Kennewick divorce lawyer.

Division of Assets and Liabilities

In addition to officially dissolving a marriage, the court will also determine how a couple’s assets and liabilities should be divided. Kennewick courts aim to divide all assets and liabilities both fairly and equitably. There are certain automatic protections, once paperwork is filed, that prevent the other spouse from hiding assets and changing finances. Assets include any right to houses or commercial property that an individual owns. It can include business interests, savings accounts, investment accounts, cash on hand, heirlooms, or antiques. Additional issues that can arise from these proceedings can include:

  • Spousal support or alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support

In Kennewick, both former spouses have the right to request financial support from the other in the form of alimony. The court will decide the appropriate amount of payment after considering each former spouse’s income and assets. When determining child custody, the court will make their ruling strictly based on the child’s best interests.

How a Kennewick Divorce Lawyer Can Help

If you are attempting to proceed with a divorce or other issues related to divorce, it is important to be fully aware of your individual legal rights. To learn more about how a determined Kennewick divorce lawyer may be able to assist you, schedule your initial consultation today.