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It is important to be aware of the fact that domestic violence can take several different forms. It may be a physical act, a threat, or some other form of controlling behavior. If you have experienced domestic abuse or fear for your future safety within your household, a professional Kennewick domestic violence lawyer may be able to help fight for you and your family’s safety. While there are many stigmas that may present themselves to prevent survivors from stepping forward and sharing their stories, you should never have to face them alone.

A skilled family lawyer could protect your identity in all recording documents by signing them with a pseudonym or simply your initials, and maintain all communications with the opposing party so you do not have to. A weathered Kennewick domestic violence lawyer could also request for the judge to establish a restraining order to keep the other party away from you and your family while the court proceedings commence. Read on to learn more about how a seasoned Kennewick domestic violence lawyer could offer you their assistance today. En Español.

Domestic Violence Protection Orders in Washington

The state of Washington provides several different types of protective orders to individuals who have suffered from violent crimes. To protect a survivor of domestic violence, Kennewick courts will often enter what is formally known as a domestic violence protection order. Also referred to as a restraining order, a domestic violence protection order temporarily prevents all forms of contact between the survivor and the accused party. If a protection order issued by the court is not obeyed, serious consequences can result. These consequences often include both civil and criminal sanctions.  

Even if an individual is not in a romantic relationship with the accused party, abuse can still be considered domestic violence if the individual responsible for the act is a family or household member. In accordance with Washington Revised Code Section 26.50.010, a family or household member can include: 

  • A spouse or former spouse 
  • A domestic partner or a former domestic partner 
  • Any individuals who share a child, regardless of whether or not they reside together or have ever been married 
  • Any adults related by blood or marriage 
  • Adults who currently reside together or who have resided together in the past 
  • Any individuals age 16 years or older who are either currently dating one another or who previously dated one another 
  • Anyone who has a biological or parent-child relationship, including stepparents, stepchildren, grandparents, and grandchildren 

 Know that an experienced Kennewick domestic violence lawyer can offer assistance to individuals who fit these circumstances and have suffered from this form of abuse through professional legal representation in court.

When to Seek a Domestic Violence Protection Order

It is important to note that Washington Revised Code Section 26.50.010 does not require a potential domestic abuse survivor to wait for any actual abuse to occur before deciding to seek a protection order from the court. While domestic violence in the state of Washington is described as actual harm, injury, or assault, it also includes the infliction of fear of those events as well.   

After a protection order is either lifted by the court or expires, the parties will once again be allowed to contact one another. However, the court can renew a protection order when it is deemed necessary to do so. In order for a protection order to be lifted by the court, the accused must establish by a preponderance of the evidence that they will not commit any acts of domestic violence in the future, and that there is no longer any reason to fear imminent harm.   

How a Kennewick Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

Regardless of the rationale, domestic abuse in any form should never be condoned and can be addressed appropriately through both civil and criminal action. Through domestic violence protection orders, Washington courts provide individuals with a means of protecting themselves. If you or someone you know have any questions or concerns regarding domestic abuse or potential domestic abuse, reach out to a seasoned Kennewick domestic violence lawyer today to schedule your consultation.   

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