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When two individuals decide they want to live together or join their lives in marriage, there are often questions regarding how to handle the assets that each individual owned prior to making this decision. This is especially important in Kennewick since Washington is a community property state, which means all property obtained after marriage is presumed to be owned by both spouses.

By establishing a marital agreement before or after marriage, couples can take affirmative steps to protect their respective property interests. A professional Kennewick marital agreement lawyer can advise you regarding the benefits of these agreements. Read on to learn more about how a skilled family attorney could offer you their assistance today. In English.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prior to marriage, individuals worried about how their previously owned assets might be distributed in a divorce can enter into a prenuptial agreement. This agreement sets forth the terms of how individual property held prior to marriage—as well as property earned after marriage—would be divided and distributed in the event the marriage is dissolved.

To be valid and upheld by the court, there must be complete transparency between the spouses, including full disclosure of the assets and debts of each partner to the agreement. In addition, each partner must have the opportunity to seek the counsel of a Kennewick marital agreement lawyer before entering into the contract. Retain assistance from a dedicated family attorney to learn more.

Postnuptial Contracts

Individuals who are already married but are concerned about how their property would be divided in a divorce can enter into a postnuptial agreement. Often, postnuptial agreements are used in second marriages or when spouses are concerned about how the division of property may affect their children. As with prenuptial agreements, fairness between parties is a necessary component. This means transparency is required at all stages, and all assets and debts must be fully disclosed.

Each partner must still have the ability to seek the counsel of a Kennewick marital agreement lawyer and have time to consider the agreement. If constructed in a fair and voluntary manner by both spouses with full knowledge of each party’s assets and debts, a postnuptial agreement may prevent misunderstanding and protect the rights and interests of each party to the contract in the event of a later divorce.

Cohabitation Agreements

It is increasingly common today for two individuals to live together without being married. During this period of cohabitation, assets may be earned and possibly combined. To prevent conflict if the relationship ends, a cohabitation agreement can be prepared that defines the ownership of assets and property in the relationship. If cohabitating individuals do not have an agreement like this arranged and the relationship later breaks down, the court can distribute the assets and property in an equitable manner. A cohabitation agreement can protect the rights and interest of the parties involved and prevent expensive trials in court.

Working with a Kennewick Marital Agreement Lawyer

Long-term relationships—whether they involve marriage or cohabitation—are often emotionally complicated and entwined with property and assets that existed both prior to the relationship and after marriage or cohabitation. As a result, dividing and distributing this property if the relationship fails can be difficult, stressful, and complicated.

Having a prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreement, or cohabitation agreement may allay some of the conflict inherent to the breakdown of a relationship. If you are interested in exploring your marital agreement options, consider retaining the assistance of a qualified Kennewick marital agreement lawyer today who can help you understand your rights.

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