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If you are considering separation with your current spouse, you may require the assistance of a professional Kennewick separation agreement lawyer to ensure that your documents meet all necessary requirements to be considered valid under Washington law. A skilled Kennewick separation agreement lawyer will be able to give you unbiased representation through the process so that you have fair representation and your rights are protected. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated family lawyer could offer you their assistance today. En Español.

What Constitutes a Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement can be carried out before or after the necessary documents have been filed, but it needs to be fair for each party. There needs to be full disclosure of all assets and debts, and it needs to address all the issues involved. Know that child support cannot be covered by a separation agreement because it is set by the state legislature and cannot be used during a negotiation in exchange for any other asset. For a separation agreement to be acknowledged in Kennewick, each party needs to sign the agreement and if both parties have attorneys, the family lawyers must sign it as well. The agreement will not be recognized by the court if a party has an agreement and the attorney advises against it or refuses it.

Legitimate Agreement Formats

While it is always a good idea to have agreements in writing, the writing can be fairly informal and can even be an exchange of emails as long as there has been a full disclosure of assets and debts and everything behind the agreement. One might be able to make an argument that text messages are acceptable, but it is always best to have things written out in one document. The court can enforce oral agreements, but those are really difficult to prove even if it is allowed since one party can just say they never agreed to it. For this reason, a weathered Kennewick separation agreement lawyer would highly recommend creating a document that lays out the agreement in writing.

Required Terms of a Separation

Separation agreements need to cover how a couple’s assets are going to be divided, meaning personal property such as furniture, cars, savings accounts, and retirement accounts as well as any real estate, houses, and business or commercial property. The agreement can also address residential schedules for children and can address who pays for attorneys and court costs. It can also include nearly anything that needs to be there for the parties to cooperate. An experienced Kennewick separation agreement lawyer can help offer representation and mediation between the parties involved so that a fair outcome can be reached.

Working with a Kennewick Separation Agreement Lawyer

A fair separation agreement will have in mind the best alternative to a negotiated agreement. This means that a Kennewick separation agreement lawyer who has experience in the courts will know what the parameters are for an outcome with a given set of facts. In this way, a dedicated Kennewick separation agreement lawyer can make sure that the separation agreement either creates solutions that would work better for the couple or, at the very least, ensure that the separation agreement is not unfair and is better than the outcome of a trial. Consider retaining professional representation from a Kennewick separation agreement lawyer today for your situation.

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