The Service Member’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA)is a federal law that provides protection for service members involved in civil lawsuits, including divorces and other family law cases. The main goal of the SCRA is give individuals the chance to participate in the court proceedings when they are on active duty with the armed forces.

The SCRA does not stop the lawsuit; it just gives the service member a reasonable time to make arrangements to participate in the court proceedings if his or her military service materially affects his or her ability to participate in the proceedings. Typically, a service member can request a 90-day stay of the proceedings and can ask for an additional stay if needed. The only exception is if there is an immediate action that a court needs to take with respect to a child. In that case, the court can make at least a temporary order that will remain in place until the service member is able to participate and be heard in the proceedings. These orders must relate to the best interests of the child, such as temporary custody and child support orders.

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