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If you or a loved one has experienced domestic violence, you may want to consult a Spokane domestic violence lawyer. Domestic violence is serious and it does not always leave bruises and broken bones. A compassionate Spokane domestic violence attorney could serve as both an ally and as a resource in the courtroom. Depending on the circumstances, he or she could work with a person to identify potential legal options that may provide protection and possibly prevent experiences of future violence.

Many survivors of domestic violence are afraid to come forward and report the crime. The close physical proximity between household members may make it difficult to acknowledge the problem and report it. Someone who has suffered domestic violence may fear retaliation or physical aggression that is more severe than the original incident. Contact a dependable family attorney who could advocate on your behalf.

Domestic Violence as a Criminal Matter

Domestic violence in Spokane is typically defined as a criminal act committed against a household or family member against another household or family member. It may include:

  • Neglect
  • Sexual assault
  • Intentional emotional abuse
  • Physical violence
  • Economic control

A household or family member may also include:

  • Parents of children
  • Spouses or ex-spouses
  • Married adults or blood relatives
  • Adults (age 16 or older) who currently live together or have lived together previously
  • People age 16 or older who are dating or have dated in the past
  • Those with a legal or biological relationship, such as step-families and blood relatives

Some examples of crimes with a domestic violence component are assault, rape, burglary, murder, kidnapping, and reckless endangerment. Violating a protective order and stalking (physical and cyber) may also be involved in a domestic violence offense.

Once an arrest has been made, the household member who reported the incident may decide to rescind the allegation and request to drop the charges. However, the prosecutor typically only has the ability to request that a judge dismiss the charges and drop the case. The person who filed an initial complaint is generally considered a witness. In some cases, the prosecutor may go forward without a complainant’s cooperation.

Domestic Violence as  Civil Matter

Alternatively or at the same time as a criminal charge of domestic violence, a complainant may bring a civil action suit to protect him or herself from being harmed by the accused family member. These petitions for a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) may involve obtaining an immediate temporary protection order without the knowledge of the alleged person and later potentially appearing before a judge for an evidentiary hearing.

A violation of a civil DVPO could constitute a crime all by itself and may prevent an accused person from contacting or coming near the complainant. Modifications of child custody, child support, and spousal support may also be granted.

A DVPO could be its own action in the court or may be part of a separation or divorce. To determine the best option for an individual, a person may benefit from consulting with an experience Spokane domestic violence attorney. He or she could provide insight into the different legal option that may apply to a person’s domestic violence case.

Protection for Spokane Complainants

To protect a complainant’s residential location from the accused individual’s alleged violence, courts may use a substitute address instead of an actual address for them. This address may be used on public and court documents wherever an address is required.

The complainant could additionally file a civil lawsuit for expenses and medical bills that were incurred because of the alleged domestic violence. A well-versed Spokane domestic violence lawyer could work with someone who suffered from domestic violence to determine their options and protect his or her rights and family.

Hiring a Spokane Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence offenses commonly include bodily injury, the fear of imminent injury, and stalking. These are serious crimes and there are severe penalties that may be applicable upon conviction to hold a party accountable. If you experienced domestic violence, consult with a dedicated Spokane domestic violence attorney.

A calculated family lawyer could work with you to assert your rights and potentially determine your next steps. Whether a person decides to press civil charges, seek a protective order, or simply wants to protect his or her family throughout criminal proceedings, an attorney can help. Call today.

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