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When a relationship ends, emotions can run high. This is especially true when there are children from that relationship. In some cases, the rights of fathers can be forgotten or dismissed, leaving you at a severe disadvantage in court.

If you are going through a divorce, it is imperative to contact a trustworthy family attorney. A Spokane father’s rights lawyer can bring your rights back into the foreground and can help achieve a result that respects your wishes as a parent.

Paternity Issues

In today’s world, more couples are opting not to be legally married before starting a family and having children. While each couple is unique and must decide what is right for their situation, this can make it more difficult for the court to recognize a father’s rights if the relationship does eventually end. The first step in remedying this is to petition the court for relief.

If necessary, this can involve a mouth swab to determine paternity. Once this is accomplished and paternity is established, the father then has a firm legal ground to beseech the court for parental rights.

Other Father’s Rights Issues

Father’s rights are not solely related to paternity suits. It is also important to have a Spokane father’s rights lawyer to represent the father’s perspective in custody battles, child support and maintenance arrangements, parenting schedules, and property division.

The courts in Washington are built on the assumption that a child’s best interest is to be with their mother and father, but in the event of a divorce, there is often a bias toward the mother. This can be because of gender stereotypes regarding who stays at home with the children more often, but nevertheless, it is a bias that does exist. Therefore, many attorneys choose to represent the rights of fathers in family law cases, since it is often those rights that are overlooked.

Changing Policies in the Court System

The bias against men in the court system has begun to lessen in recent years. Training courses for both judges and commissioners help correct this inherent bias. This means that nowadays courts will rigorously investigate the specific situations of each parent to determine who should have custody, how much child support will be so as not to put an undue financial burden on either parent and other related family law issues.

This means that modern Spokane father’s rights lawyers have a unique position to capitalize on this correction of an old bias and make arguments in the father’s favor.

Speaking to a Spokane Father’s Rights Attorney

If you are going through a divorce and are concerned about having your interests represented properly, the most important step is to contact a Spokane father’s rights lawyer.

A family law attorney experienced in issues regarding fathers’ rights can help ensure that the court is taking a serious and rigorous look at the specific details of your divorce to determine which situation is best for your children.

A lawyer will be dedicated to making sure that your voice is heard and your desires are taken into account. Working with an experienced legal advocate can greatly improve the outcome of your case by helping to remove the remnants of the implicit biases of old.

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