In the early morning hours of April 2nd, 1985, in the city of Portland, the world changed and would never be the same. This was the day I, Tia Flores, was brought forth in to this universe. The fact that I was born right around April fool’s day should have been a tip off that I was going to be a unique addition to this universe. Now I am a unique addition to Pacific Northwest Family Law.

I am an only child. Therefore, it has always been up to me to entertain myself and get the job done. I tend to think of this as the reason I am such a firecracker and go-getter. I am currently a student obtaining my degree in psychology and with each new day brings new lessons. I love law and the legal field and intend on running with that and becoming an attorney one day. (That’s the game plan).

I have great values in life and the way I like to look at it is: God first, family second, career/education third and last but not least football (Go Seahawks!). I only have one child who is my partner in crime in life. When I am not busy creating and selling things on Etsy, you can find me behind a stack of books studying, catching a date night out with my son at Red Robin, and when in season, some Sunday and Monday night football!