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Deciding to adopt can be a very exciting moment in your life. However, many individuals looking to adopt find themselves overwhelmed with the complexity of the process and do not know how to get started. An experienced Walla Walla adoption lawyer can advocate for you from the beginning of the adoption process until the adoption is complete, providing assistance in navigating the law and court system.

A skilled attorney can assist in helping you understand your options and obligations, giving you the knowledge you need to formulate a plan based on what is best for you and your family. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated family attorney can provide you with an overview of the steps that must be taken to properly accomplish your adoption today. En Español.

Qualifying to Adopt

To be eligible to adopt in Walla Walla, the adopting party must be at least 18 years of age. Wealth is not a consideration, nor is the family makeup—whether someone adopting is part of a traditional family, a single parent, or a same-sex couple, Walla Walla courts may permit them to adopt.

The key factor considered is whether a prospective adopter has given adequate consideration to their choice and can handle the huge responsibility of raising a child. This is determined by a social worker during the home study process. During the home study process, the social worker will evaluate the following aspects of a potential parents’ lives:

  • The safety of their home
  • Their educational background
  • Their employment and/or military history
  • Their relationships
  • Their parenting history
  • Their religious affiliation
  • Their medical and psychosocial history
  • Their criminal background
  • Documentation of marriage and divorce

A Walla Walla adoption lawyer can offer guidance through this difficult part of the adoption process. If there is a problem in one’s background or personal history that needs to be addressed, a lawyer can also provide direction on how to handle those issues.

What Type of Adoptions Are Available?

There are various types of adoptions that provide different avenues towards a successful conclusion to the adoption process. If an individual chooses to adopt in Walla Walla, several specific varieties of adoptions are available to them.

In Walla Walla, individuals may adopt domestically or internationally, as well as publicly or through a private agency. Alternatively, individuals may choose to pursue an independent adoption, which often requires the assistance of a weathered Walla Walla adoption lawyer.

In certain circumstances, a step-parent may—with the consent of a child’s birth parent—undergo a step-parent adoption to become parent of a spouse’s child from a previous relationship. Finally, adult adoptions are available to those who would like to formalize an existing parent/child relationship or simplify inheritance procedures.

Working with a Walla Walla Adoption Lawyer

Whether you have questions that need answering or have already have made the decision to pursue adoption, a Walla Walla adoption lawyer can be your advocate during this incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. We have experience guiding families through this process, and we can help you achieve your dream of being a new parent. Consider retaining the experience of a professional family lawyer today.

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