Walla Walla Spousal Support Lawyer

When two spouses divorce, one party is often required to pay their former partner spousal support, also known as alimony. This monetary award, which is paid following the court’s division of the couple’s marital property, is intended to lessen the financial burden that can result following a divorce. A professional Walla Walla spousal support lawyer could explain in greater detail the procedures that Washington courts typically follow when dividing property and awarding spousal support. Read on to learn more about how a skilled family lawyer could offer you their assistance. En Español.

Determining Spousal Support

Since it is possible for one spouse to become financially dependent on their partner over the course of a couple’s marriage, family courts often award spousal support to ensure that the dependent spouse can maintain the same lifestyle they were accustomed to prior to the marriage’s end. While there is no uniform standard that courts use to determine the appropriate length and amount of a spousal support order in Walla Walla, there are a number of different factors that judges will look to. Obtain legal representation from a professional divorce attorney to learn more.

What Factors Will Walla Walla Courts Consider?

Walla Walla courts have substantial discretion when deciding the appropriate amount and duration of a spousal support award. Revised Code of Washington Section 26.09.100 sets forth a number of factors for courts to consider in granting a maintenance or spousal support order, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • The ages of each spouse, as well as the state of their health
  • The financial resources and obligations of each spouse
  • The standard of living each spouse enjoyed during the marriage
  • The amount of time a spouse may need to obtain training or an education
  • Whether or not there are any dependents involved who require support
  • The duration of the couple’s marriage

In many cases, the most important factor that the court will consider in issuing an appropriate spousal support order is how long the couple’s marriage lasted. In some cases, a long-term marriage may justify permanent spousal support payments. It is also important to note that when determining an appropriate amount of support, Walla Walla courts will not consider whether or not any misconduct may have attributed to the end of the marriage. This includes potential acts of adultery or abandonment.

Modified or Terminating Spousal Support

Under certain circumstances, spousal support in Walla Walla may be modified after the court sets forth its final order. For example, if the financial affairs of the paying spouse decrease dramatically through no fault of the paying spouse, the court may consider adjusting its previously set support payments. In accordance with Washington law, spousal support may be terminated prior to the date set forth in the court’s order, but only under specific conditions. A paying spouse’s duty to make spousal support payments will terminate upon their death. Additionally, if the receiving spouse decides to remarry or passes away, they will no longer be able to receive support payments from the paying spouse.

How a Walla Walla Spousal Support Lawyer Can Help

Divorce or separation can often result in financial worries for each of the parties involved. A family law attorney could help fight for your rights through legal representation during your support hearings. To hear more about how a dedicated Walla Walla spousal support lawyer may be able to assist you, schedule your initial consultation today.