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When most people think of adoption, they picture either adopting a newborn or a child from foster care. While these are the two most common scenarios, there are some situations when a person may consider adopting another adult. To learn more about the process involved with adult adoption or the steps that you can take to assist, consult with a Washington adult adoption lawyer with our firm today. The experienced family lawyers with Ashby law can help walk you through the adoption process and ensure that your family is taken care of throughout.

Reasons an Adult Adoption May Occur

Adult adoptions are usually performed for three reasons. First, the adoption can memorialize an emotional parent-child relationship. For example, a person may spend years raising a stepchild or foster child. While the emotional connection is very real, the legal connection between foster parents and foster children or between stepparents and step-children are limited and typically end when the child becomes an adult. Once these relationships end, the now-adult child will have no legal ties to his or her former caregiver. By performing an adult adoption, the stepparent or foster parent can legally formalize the existing parent-child relationship.

The second and most common reason for adult adoption ties into the first. Most people create a legal parent-child relationship with an adult in order to make that person a legal heir. Adult adoption gives a person all of the legal rights that a natural-born child would have, and will ensure that the child can inherit through his or her parent.

Finally, as a Washington adult adoption lawyer can tell you, adult adoption can also help provide long-term care for a disabled or incapacitated adult. For instance, suppose a husband and wife give birth to a severely disabled son who needs constant care. The couple provides care for their child for twenty years until the couple is tragically killed in a car accident. The disabled son is now legally an adult, but still needs assistance with daily living. In this situation, the son’s aunt and uncle may decide to adopt him as an adult so that he could be covered under the family’s health insurance or have access to a family trust.

Regardless of the reason, the procedure for adopting an adult is almost the same as the procedure for adopting a child. The adult (and any legal guardians) will need to sign a Consent to Adoption, which must be approved by a judge. Once the adoption petition is finalized and approved, the adult will be the legal child of his or her new parent.

Consulting with a Washington Adult Adoption Attorney

If you are considering an adult adoption, it is important to speak with an experienced Washington adult adoption attorney. At Ashby Law, we can review your adoption petition for any potential complications, and will help you finalize and file your petition.

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