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There you are. Facing the big “D”. Your spouse has been the bread-winner. You have been a stay at home parent. You’ve depended on your spouse for all the finances. You might not even know how many accounts or credit cards are out there. Can you even get a job? Where do you even apply? Will you spouse cut you off and hold it over your head? You gave up a career to marry your spouse.

You’ve heard of a thing called alimony, but you want to know more. You need something to get by—even you’re a few months to get training and find the job you want. What you need is some help to get you on your way.

We’ve seen it. Some of us have lived it. You don’t have to be afraid of what the future holds anymore. Let us take that burden from you and make a plan. Let’s plan together to find the support you need to make sure that you can live the life that you need to.

You helped put your spouse through school. Your spouse has a great job. But you know you’re your spouse would rather keep his money and sacrifice you. Sometimes, the career of one of the marriage partners is put on hold. Often, there is an agreement that one partner will take care of the children and the household while the other partner works. Or perhaps one partner works and supports the other partner completing college or gaining professional or technical degrees and licenses.

As a result, when divorce looms, one partner is in a much better financial position and has a greater earning ability, while the partner who sacrificed her or his career faces months or years of schooling and training to be in a similar position. But you don’t have to go through divorce with the same disadvantage.

Get the legal help you need to make sure that your not left on the welfare roles and have to survive off of government cheese. Your future is brighter than living in a van down by the river, call us now and let’s get started.

The Court try and make things right. But judges are only as good as the information they are given. In Washington state, alimony is called “spousal maintenance.” It is meant to help you survive just long enough to where you don’t have to rely on your ex-spouse any longer.

There is no formula to how long spousal maintenance lasts. There is no formula to how much you can get. The judge is going to consider things like How long were you married? What were the roles in the home? Are there medical needs? At the end of the day, the decision is left up to the judge. He or she has full power to make the decision that seems right based on these and other considerations.

That’s where we come in. We know what those considerations are. We’ve seen it dozens of times and worked hard for spousal maintenance that makes sense. You don’t have to do it alone.

Most often, spousal maintenance is temporary and is designed by the court to allow the disadvantaged spouse a chance to gain schooling, train, and catch up on his or her career and earning potential. Only rarely and in specific circumstances is spousal maintenance granted on a lifetime basis. These rare circumstances can include serious health issues that lead to disability.

To allow the court to get it right, it is important to have an experienced legal team that understands spousal maintenance advocate for you. If you are the spouse that sacrificed your career for the benefit of the marriage, you deserve a chance to catch up. If you are the spouse that has a career, you are entitled to have the amount of your payments be fair and equitable and to have the duration of those payments limited unless rare circumstances exist.

Generally, spousal maintenance ends on the death of either party or in the event of the re-marriage of the party receiving spousal maintenance. If you are paying spousal maintenance and your earning capacity or circumstances change, you may be entitled to a reduction or elimination of your spousal maintenance obligations. Give us a call. We can help!

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