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Prior to moving a child, custodial parents are required by Washington law to give very specific, formal notification to anyone who has court-ordered time with the child.  Whether your move is across the street or across the world, failing to provide the proper notice with the proper information and in the proper time-frame can have far-reaching consequences, including civil and criminal contempt, loss of custody, and even prosecution for parental abduction.

Non-custodial parents, when faced with a custodial parent’s move, must act quickly and in the formal manner required by the relocation statute to preserve their rights to object to the move and to maintain visitation.

If you plan on relocating with your child, or if you receive notice that your child’s parent is relocating with your child, contact a Washington relocation lawyer right away so that we can help you avoid the minefield and preserve your options.  If the other parent moved with the child without the proper notice, contact us right away so that we can help you re-establish visitation and so that the court will not believe you do not really care because you did not timely object.

If you made a mistake and moved without following the proper procedure, call a family lawyer in Washington today so that we can fix the problems associated with your move.

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