Yakima Child Support Lawyer

Divorce can often involve a great deal of uncertainty. The process can bring about questions of asset division, bills, living arrangements, and many other aspects. When children are involved, the procedure can be even more complicated.

Know that a professional Yakima child support lawyer could work with you throughout the divorce process to help you understand Washington child support guidelines and how they might impact you, as well as whether you will need to pay child support or are eligible to receive it. Read on to learn more about how a skilled family attorney could make a difference in your life today.  En Español.

Determining Combined Monthly Income

The Revised Code of Washington Title 26, Section 26.19.020 lays out the state’s formula for determining child support. When using the state’s child support table, parents must first determine their combined monthly income. This is generally done by taking each parent’s income from all sources and adding them together. That means each party must include not only income from salaries, but also supplementary income such as trust fund distributions, investment income, social security benefits, and potentially even veteran’s benefits among other sources.

The total of these various sources of income for each parent is known as the gross income. Determining the net income from that point involves subtracting all mandatory monthly obligations such as taxes and preexisting support obligations mandated by a court order. This final figure is the combined income that will be matched to the table to determine the monthly support obligation for the child or children. A dedicated Yakima child support lawyer could assist in the calculation of these values to ensure they are accurate.

Calculating Individual Payments

Once the monthly child support obligation shared by both parents is established, it is easier to understand what an individual support obligation might look like. One basic approach is that a parent’s responsibility for support should be equal to the percentage of combined monthly income they contribute. In other words, if one parent contributes 55% of the combined monthly income, then they would be responsible for 55% of the monthly child support obligation while the other parent is responsible for 45%. A determined Yakima child support lawyer could assist with these estimations to help determine a child support system that best fits the needs and lifestyle of a separating couple.

Willful Unemployment

Since Washington courts take child support very seriously, becoming willfully unemployed or underemployed will not help an individual avoid child support obligations. Washington courts have the power to impute income, which means that they can estimate the earning potential of an individual in order to determine their individual child support obligation using the state’s table and the procedures above. For this reason, it can be significant to gain legal representation from a weathered Yakima child support lawyer who has experience in negotiating with the local court system.

How a Yakima Child Support Lawyer Can Help

Protecting children’s well-being is an important aspect of the divorce process, one in which everyone involved plays an important part. Working with a Yakima child support lawyer who understands the unique needs of your family as well as the various nuances in Washington’s child support laws may be an important part of ensuring that the best interests of both you and your children are met. If you are facing divorce and have questions about child support obligations, contact a seasoned Yakima child support lawyer today who can work to protect the rights of you and your children.