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When a child is about to be made a permanent part of a new family through the adoption process, emotions can run even higher. A solid legal framework can help all parties involved know their roles, duties, and rights. A Yakima adoption lawyer who understands both the laws and emotions involved in family law can help ensure the process goes smoothly. En Español.

Overview of Adoption in Yakima

Before a child can be adopted in Washington, a court must have terminated the parental rights of least one parent. This may be an involuntary termination, or one or both parents may voluntarily terminate their rights in order to allow adoption by a relative, stepparent, or a different family.

Adoption situations vary tremendously depending on the circumstances. Some of the more common adoption scenarios in Yakima include:

  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Independent adoptions
  • Public agency adoptions
  • International adoption

Adoption by a Stepparent

Adoption by a stepparent is one of the most frequent types of adoption in Washington but it is not always simple. This situation involves a divorced parent who has remarried and wants their new spouse to adopt a child from a previous relationship.

This type of adoption can be straightforward if the other parent agrees to a termination of rights and if the investigation of the proposed new parent does not reveal any cause for concern.

It becomes even more complicated when a parent objects to the termination of parental rights or has a change of heart before the adoption is complete. Other challenges arise if it is difficult to locate the other parent because their rights cannot be terminated without giving notice of the proceeding.

Independent Adoptions

Another common adoption scenario occurs when a family wishes to adopt makes contact with the birth family of a child without the intervention of a public or private adoption agency. Often, a family seeking to adopt will contact an adoption attorney in Yakima to help them locate a prospective birth family and to handle arrangements to avoid future complications.

Even though an agency is not directly involved in making the connection between the birth family and the adoptive family, the adoptive family must still meet certain legal requirements, including a background check. A qualified social worker must prepare a Pre-Placement Report that affirms the family’s ability to provide a caring and safe environment for the child.

International Adoptions

International adoption procedures vary depending on the child’s country of origin. In many situations, the adoptive family must first undergo adoption proceedings in the child’s birth country.

After that adoption is approved, they must then obtain additional approval to bring the child to the United States and often must go through the adoption process again in order to be sure that U.S. courts will recognize the adoption, as well as to receive a birth certificate in their home state.

How a Yakima Adoption Attorney Can Help

Regardless of the situation involved, adoption can be unexpectedly complicated and charged with emotion. When you work with the assistance of an experienced Yakima adoption lawyer, your attorney can make certain you meet all legal requirements and fully understand the rights and obligations of all parties.

Family comes first, and when you allow a Yakima adoption lawyer to take on the burden of legal requirements, you can focus your energy on building the best possible relationships now and in the years to come. Call today to learn how we can help make your adoption experience the building block of a sound future

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