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One of the most serious detriments to a marriage—as well as one of the most common reasons that individuals seek divorce—is domestic violence between married partners. If you suffered or are suffering from domestic violence in your relationship, a dedicated Yakima domestic violence lawyer could work with you to protect the rights of you and your family. Domestic violence can have serious implications for both parties involved. Understanding domestic violence and your legal options when facing it can be an important first step in addressing the problem. Read on to learn more about how a professional family attorney can help. En Español.

Understanding Domestic Violence

There is a common misperception that domestic violence must include physical assault. The Revised Code of Washington Title 10 Chapter 10.99 Section 10.9.020(5) considers domestic violence to include the following:

  • Physical assault
  • Intimidation with a weapon
  • Kidnapping
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Harassment

The statute itself does not limit domestic violence to these enumerated offenses either. Domestic violence can take many forms, and the statute is written to allow for circumstances in which an unspecified offense may still qualify as domestic violence.

Domestic violence can also occur outside of the confines of marriage. Anyone who shares or has shared a romantic relationship are covered by domestic violence laws. Even familial relationships between a parent and child or siblings may be subject to laws policing domestic violence. Reach out to a professional family attorney to learn more.

Potential Consequences

Consequences for domestic violence convictions can be severe. If the level of domestic violence is determined to be a misdemeanor and the alleged abuser is convicted, they could face up to a year in jail. More serious domestic violence offenses may elevate the charges to a felony status, and an individual convicted of felony domestic violence can face longer amounts of time prison. A skilled Yakima domestic violence lawyer could explain the differences between these kinds of charges in further detail.

Options to Pursue

Anyone who is in immediate danger due to domestic violence should call law enforcement officials as soon as possible by dialing 911. If police officers are involved, they may arrest the individual accused of domestic violence if there is probable cause to believe that such incidents occurred.

If the accused is arrested, they will likely remain in police custody until they are seen by a judge, who may require them to be part of a no-contact order as one of the conditions of release. Such orders prevent them from contacting the abused through any means, including both face-to-face and electronic communication. Such orders also prevent the accused individual from making contact via a third party. Such orders will usually remain in place until the alleged abuser faces trial for the domestic violence accusations.

How a Yakima Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

Domestic violence is a serious issue that can affect individuals and families for far longer than just the time frame in which it occurs. For immediate help in the face of domestic violence, you should call law enforcement officials by dialing 911. When it comes to legal assistance after domestic violence occurs, a compassionate Yakima domestic violence lawyer could offer you assistance by helping you understand and assert your rights. They can also refer you to community resources for families dealing with domestic violence. If you or your family experienced domestic violence, contact a qualified Yakima domestic violence lawyer today to see what options might be available to you moving forward.

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