Divorce not only brings a change of lifestyle but also often a change of address as well. Are you trying to decide where to live next? Looking for a fresh start in a new town? Well, lucky for you the attorneys at Pacific Northwest Family Law are more than just legal eagles.

Let’s begin with figuring out what you want, based on what you need, which depends on:
• Whether you are planning to buy or rent;
• Whether you have children;
• Where your job is located or whether you are retired;
• How much you can afford;
• What amenities/conveniences do you want close by;
• What you enjoy doing for fun.

Spend some time reflecting upon this. Do you want to be close to biking trails or cool bars? Or both? Perhaps you are leaving the suburbs for the hipster scene (good for you!). Whatever your plans, here are our favorite areas for the recently divorced:

Okay, it may be cliché but isn’t recently divorced synonymous with drinking wine? Surely it must be. Stay in Eastern Washington. The Tri-Cities and Walla-Walla are home to dozens of wineries which not only translates to easy access but also socializing in stunning settings. Wineries host tastings where people attend – you need to meet people and you love wine. Perfect!

Walla Walla also has a burgeoning art scene from public art pieces proudly displayed downtown to numerous performing arts centers, to museums and antique shops. And speaking of downtown Walla Walla – it is purely magical. Restaurants, culture, activities….its renowned Main Street has it all. Walla Walla is the ideal home to all the recently divorced whether you are a busy professional, young mom or a retiree.

What about trying the Tri-Cities? Yes! That glow on the horizon is not just the sun, but the home of one of the lead research facilities in nuclear technology in the United States. Ever hear of the Manhattan project, one of the locations was right here.

And if being outdoorsy is your passion, the Tri-Cities is where three rivers intersect, aligning with miles and miles of parks and trails. This is ideal for the hiker, biker, runner or boater – and perfect for quality time with the kids.

West Richland and West Pasco are both homes to young families. These are great areas if you have young children who will be living with you.

Good luck on this exciting search for your new home; may what you desire meld with what your budget allows.

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