Bankruptcy is the legal process by which an individual or a married couple can discharge eligible debts, or obtain a court order that you do not have to pay one or more particular debts. This is often a solution when

In a Washington divorce, all debts are divided, even if they solely belong to one spouse or the other. While some spouses are able to agree to a division of debts, other spouses must turn to the court for the

For most children, medical needs include routine matters such as wellness checks, sports physicals, and the occasional sprain or broken bone. Some children, however, have ongoing medical needs or specialized medical needs that necessitate frequent doctor’s visits, therapy, and certain

If you believe that you are in danger or another emergency situation, always call 911 first. However, if you are not in immediate danger, but you think you might need a restraining order with respect to a family member, you

As American adults marry later in life and are more likely to have assets (and student loan debt) prior to getting married, prenuptial agreements have become increasingly popular. While it sounds less than romantic, a prenuptial agreement is a practical

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