Divorce is not without some degree of resentment, conflict, and even hostility between the parties. Co-parenting during and following a divorce can be extremely difficult, especially when everyone’s emotions are running high. When divorcing parties share minor children, they have a special responsibility to maintain an amicable relationship with one another to the greatest extent possible. By working together to raise your children, you will make the transition from an intact family unit to a divorced family much easier for your children, and in the end, you will serve your children’s best interests.

As you co-parent, you should work on developing a routine for your children that you follow on a daily basis. While there may be events from time to time that disrupt that schedule, children will begin to know what to expect each day, when they will see each parent, and where they will spend the night. This consistency of routine is important and comforting to children, especially during the chaos and aftermath of divorce.

If you do have a disagreement with your ex, which undoubtedly will happen at some point, you should try and keep that disagreement away from the eyes and ears of your children. Fighting in front of your children after a divorce is no different than fighting in front of your children during your marriage. These disagreements will make your children uncomfortable, anxious, scared, and perhaps even angry. Set up a time to talk with your ex outside of your children’s earshot. They don’t need to know the substance of your disagreement; they simply need to know the outcome of your decisions.

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