In order to qualify for a child support modification under Washington law, it must be two years or more since your child support order was entered by the court or reviewed for a possible modification, or there must be a substantial change in circumstances that occurred since the order was last entered or modified.

There are a number of different situations that might constitute a substantial change in circumstances for the purposes of your child support order. For instance, incarceration, job loss, permanent disability, a new job that pays more or less, a raise, a decrease, or the addition of another child to your family are all situations that may qualify as a substantial change in circumstances and thus justify a modification of your child support obligation. Keep in mind, however, that voluntary unemployment or underemployment does not alone constitute a change in circumstances sufficient to justify a modification of child support.

If you and your child’s other parent have reached an agreement as to how your support obligation should be modified, you may be able to file an agreement for the court’s approval, which does not require a court hearing. However, if you and your child’s other parent are unable to agree as to the modification of your support, then your case will be scheduled for a hearing.

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