Parenting plans are supposed to help parents co-parent their children and avoid conflict. So why is every encounter of conversation with your ex World War Three? Ever since you remarried, it has been difficult to just get your ex to sit down and talk about the kids. And the kids are getting older every day. Their interests have grown since they were young. It is getting so expensive to raise them. But over time, many, if not most, parenting plans stop working and block appropriate co-parenting and cause problems and conflicts.

Over time, circumstances change, kids get older and have different needs, parents’ work and other schedules change, and relationships evolve. Parents often remarry and that may cause emotional or scheduling conflicts. Whatever the reason, as time moves on, parenting plans very often stop working. When that happens, it is time to go back to court to have the original plan modified to fit the new circumstances. We can help!

Sometimes a parent will try to have a parenting plan modified when there is no good reason for the modification. They may do it because they didn’t like the court’s decision the first time or they may wish to gain more control or more time with the child.

Sometimes, unfortunately, there is a money factor, like avoiding continued child support payments by getting more time with the child.
But that’s not right. And they could succeed if you make a mistake in the Court. Again, if you are facing a situation like this, give us a call. We can help!

Maybe just a little tweak to the plan would help things out, but it is hard to get your ex to talk. Just minor adjustments to the time because your work schedule has changed. Or, maybe the kids have started playing hockey and your time with them is now spent near the ice, watching them play. Let’s make some adjustments so that your time isn’t spent watching your kid play your ex’s sport.

Maybe a bigger change is needed. You’ve agreed to big changes but didn’t bother formalizing because you were working so well together. Now you or your ex remarried, got a new job, or got into an argument and your back to a plan you haven’t followed since your kids were in kindergarten. Or you ex doesn’t follow the parenting plan. Ever.

You don’t have to tolerate behavior like that. There are ways to get things right. Come talk to us. We’ve probably seen it before or something like it. Our legal team will sit down with you and make a plan that will make things better.

If circumstances have changed for you and your child needs you to make an adjustment to the parenting plan, our experienced legal teams can advise you on your chances for success and they can help you create a plan and then execute on your plan. We are ready to help! Give us a call.