I’ll admit it. I’m a softy. I also like my kids. Not that I get to spend all the time I want to with them. But knowing that when I get home, they’ll be there means a lot to me.

But then school starts. The first day of school can be the worst. I mean the very first day of school—kindergarten. There he is, your little boy that has spent every moment in your care, now off to be educated by relative strangers. It’s worse with the fourth one in a lot of ways, let me tell you.

School is also the time of year when we have to reestablish school routines. I don’t know about you, but we loosen up on the bedtime rules during the Summer. It’s a little harder to say no to one more show or just a little longer before going to bed. It may be a little selfish, but it means a little bit longer to spend with my kids when I’ve been at work all day.

Divorce brings its own problems when you have school-aged children

School brings its own set of problems for parents who are divorced that I’ve only experienced through my clients. Coordinating with my wife is hard enough—coordinating with someone you have had an ongoing argument with for the last several years is harder.

Messy divorces make for messy co-parenting. Because once the kids start school, there is a deluge of decisions you have to make: sports? Field trips? DI? Sex Ed? Each of these takes some coordination and communication.

Let’s not forget that one day, high school will be over and you have to choose a career. Will your child go to college? Vocational school? Military? Who will pay?

All of that is so much harder if you have to coordinate with someone you can’t speak to.

Did you know that it doesn’t have to be that way? Just because an adult relationship ends, doesn’t mean you end being and adult—or a parent. Co-parenting becomes possible if you take a compassionate approach (not a weak approach) to family law arguments. If you want to give it a try, we love to help people find the strength to be compassionate and find real, long-lasting solutions to parenting arguments and family law matter. We have helped families in the Tri-Cities, Spokane, Walla Walla and everywhere in between. Give us a call at 360-926-9112. Mention this article for a free consultation worth $100. But you have to do so before the end of September 2019.