In the legal world, the month of January marks the beginning of divorce season. For multiple reasons, many couples wait until the beginning of the year to file for divorce, and the month sees a significant spike in new filings each year. While many lawyers have their own theories about the reasons for this increase, people contemplating divorce in January should know that they are not alone.

Children and Holidays

Parents with children want their kids to have an amazing holiday season that is not marred by their parents’ divorce. For that reason, many spouses choose to wait until the holidays are over to file for divorce, even though their minds have been made up for some time.

Additionally, the holidays are often seen as a romantic time of year. Some spouses contemplating divorce will put off the decision in hopes that their partner will come through with a grand romantic gesture to put the relationship back on track. If this doesn’t happen, it often serves as an impetus to finally file the divorce paperwork.

Finally, the holidays are often a time of increased strain on relationships. Overspending on gifts and entertainment can be a source of conflict, and the holiday season may just be the last straw for a financially-stressed couple.

New Year, New Life

A new year often marks a time of personal reflection and improvement. Just as many people make resolutions to get in shape or quit smoking, others will resolve to start a new life by filing for divorce.

Even though these spouses may be looking for a fresh start, divorcing couples should keep in mind that the process takes time. Don’t expect to file the paperwork and be done by February—if anything, it may take slightly longer to schedule hearings and other legal appointments with the increased number of filers.

Gloomy Weather and Valentine’s Day

January is a depressing month. With the holidays over and no scheduled time off in the near future, many people sink into a post-celebratory depression. This type of sadness is made worse by the cold, dreary weather. When people start feeling down, their relationship can suffer, pushing some towards divorce.

For others, the impending Valentine’s Day holiday in February seems too much to bear. Rather than suffer through a romantic holiday with someone they no longer love, many couples will choose to file for divorce before they need to pick out chocolates and flowers.

Divorce Is Difficult No Matter The Month

While January may be a popular month to file for divorce, the unfortunate reality is that every month is divorce month. A relationship can fall apart at any time of the year, and the fact that many people file for divorce in January should not affect your personal decision to leave your spouse.

Choosing to get divorced requires careful planning and preparation. Before making your decision, speak with the attorneys at Pacific Northwest Family Law about your options and the best time for you to start your case. Through mediation, negotiation, or litigation if necessary, our knowledgeable Washington family law attorneys will take your side and help you through difficult situations.

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