I Think My Spouse May Be Considering Divorce

Filing for divorce isn’t ever an easy conclusion to come to. You may be experiencing signs that lead you to believe that your spouse is considering divorce and wonder how to prepare yourself. This article will discuss common signs and how to prepare yourself should a divorce occur.

Common Signs Your Spouse May Be Considering Divorce

One of the most common signs is that your spouse may withdraw or avoid you. They may need time to determine what is best for both of you and your family and want space to clear their head. They may avoid you, spend time with you, or participate in hobbies you once enjoyed together.

Suppose your spouse is distant and unwilling to work on the relationship or consider therapy or other means of improving the relationship. In that case, they may be thinking about filing for a divorce.

Detachment is another common sign. If your partner suddenly isn’t asking about your day, what your plans are for holidays or weekends, or doesn’t check in with you like they once did, they may have ulterior motives for doing so.

You may want to discuss mediation, therapy, self-help books, classes, and other means of trying to get your relationship back on track and heading in a positive direction.

On Two Different Pages

You may feel you and your spouse are on two different pages and have been for quite some time. This may mean that your spouse is thinking about a divorce. There may be a lack of intimacy or physical connection, which was more common before changes in the relationship.

One or both parties may become emotionally distant and further withdrawn than when they are typically processing stress or other issues that arise in their lives.

Consistent Arguments

Every couple argues and goes through phases where one or both are unhappy with the other. If the arguing seems more consistent or intense than it used to be, they may be considering different options for their future. Consider discussing the abovementioned options that could help to talk through things or make necessary changes to avoid ending the relationship.

Suddenly Secretive

Many couples find that when the other party is considering divorce, they are more secretive than before and withhold information. The information could pertain to work life, finances, personal hobbies or other interests, and more.

If you suddenly feel that your partner is keeping things from you and this is different than they had acted in the past, they may be preparing for divorce.

Personal Interests and Personal Appearance

Several couples discuss that their spouse suddenly takes a newfound interest in other hobbies or activities. Others report their spouse is suddenly fixated on their appearance and wants to improve it or better themselves while not discussing this with you, encouraging you to join them in their quest for self-improvement, or keeping this from you.

Clues Found in Their Search History

In current times, it can be easier than it used to be to determine what your partner is researching or thinking about, even if they aren’t communicating this to you. Either through their search history or research, they are doing through friends or co-workers, you may find that they are reaching out for information regarding divorce and their options.

You may find questions regarding alimony, child support, or relocation in their search history that could indicate they are considering significant changes, one of which is divorce.

What Can I Do?

One of the first things to remember is to stay calm and focus on the main issues. It can be challenging to trust your gut, and you may be wrong in your suspicion that your spouse is considering divorce. Try to calmly discuss your concerns with them and see if they are willing to discuss their thoughts or reasons for acting in the ways you have noticed recently.

Seek emotional support from trusted friends, family, and therapists. Considering divorce is common, both parties will benefit from having thoroughly trusted people in their corners to discuss their concerns, help them as they transition into this possible life change, and help them however they can.

Speak With an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Some marriages can be saved by working through issues and rebuilding a connection. You may want to discuss mediation or separation with your attorney to understand all options. If both options are not reasonable, you can prepare for a divorce.

Utilize the experience and knowledge of a divorce attorney to best prepare yourself for divorce and the changes that occur. By organizing documentation regarding your children’s lives, your finances, and other pertinent information, you can discuss what strategy is best for your specific needs, your life, and the life of your children moving forward.

One of the most invaluable assets that an experienced divorce attorney can offer you is their knowledge and that they have your best interest at heart. Divorce can get messy, and even some of the most straightforward or amicable divorces can require significant emotional strength and an unwavering focus on the issues at hand and your future. A strong advocate with a demonstrated skillset in handling a divorce is invaluable for you during this time.

You may want to discuss other strategies with finances or assets to ensure that you are best prepared for significant upcoming changes in your life. An experienced divorce attorney will have your best interest at heart and help guide you toward making the best decisions for your future.

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