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At Ashby Law, our attorneys work hard to make sure that your case is resolved in a way that works for your family, but don’t take our word for it! Read more to learn how Ashby Law has helped clients just like you:

“Child Custody Matter”
Brant ⎜ January 7, 2017

As a 21 year old father, who loves his child more than anything, I am proud to say that Ashby Law was the legal team that brought my son and I back together from a horrible split between my ex and I in just under a month! Mr. Scott Ashby appointed his son, Zachary Ashby to be my attorney and paralegal Mona Tovar to take on my case. From the very beginning I knew I was in good hands with them. Zach Ashby is not the type of man that will tell you what you want to hear, but instead will tell you what you need to hear! He will not get your hopes up, but instead will talk to you from a realistic standpoint. Even while on vacation, he and Mona Tovar worked day and night on my case to help appease me! Let me tell you, I wasn’t the easiest client to work with. I had projects for them all hours of the day, weekends, and even on holidays (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)! I called my paralegal Mona Tovar on multiple occasions after hours for her advice on matters and she always stopped me from making a hasty decision and reassured me that we were taking the proper course towards moving forward. I don’t know how I would have got through this situation without the help of Ashby Law. I can truly say that they people who were assigned to my case cared for me and my son’s welfare. They weren’t just there for the paycheck. Mona Tovar is the best paralegal there is period! She saw how much I truly cared for my son, and how I was willing to do whatever they said to benefit my case (within the parameters of the law of course) and I believe that truly inspired her to go above and beyond the call of duty for me! To Ashby law, god forbid I ever need your services again, but if I do, you know I won’t hesitate to call. I would recommend this firm to anybody who needs assistance in family law matters. They don’t try to run your bill up, instead they suggested endless ways for me to be a part of my own legal team to save me as much money as possible. Their determination, hard work, and care for their clients is 2nd to none. In my opinion, Ashby law is the best law firm you can hire to handle your case. Everybody was so caring from the attorneys, paralegals, and even the receptionists (especially Bonnie). They are a very professional firm and are great at communicating amongst each other. They never once tried to take me down a path I didn’t want to go down. One piece of advice I’ll give you is to give them all the information, good or bad, they are not judgmental people whatsoever, they are only there to help. Take my $0.02 for what it’s worth, but my advice would be for anybody who finds there self in a family law matter to make them a priority to visit first! They will not disappoint you, that I can assure you of! Thank you again Ashby Law for everything and a big thank you to Mona Tovar, Zach Ashby, Bonnie, and Kim Powell for being rock stars!

“Great Service”
Llineli ⎜ January 4, 2017

I was represented by Ashby law they helped me with my custody case and they were excellent everything that I didn’t understand I could always count on them for help, they would always answer or return my calls right away and thanks to them I was able to get my son back right away. They are a law firm I strongly recommend for anyone to get they will help you and do the best they can.

“Family Law, Parenting Plan Modification”
Anonymous ⎜ January 21, 2016

We have a current complicated and contentious family law issue. Matt has taken over our case from a retiring attorney. He has taken the time to get up to speed quickly and create a plan that is in the children’s best interest. So far, we are pleased with his leadership and knowledge of the family law.

Sara ⎜ December 29, 2016

Zachary became my lawyer after my initial lawyer moved her practice to Walla Walla permanently, we met for a free overview of my case and worked with me to get not everything in my divorce I needed, but also the necessary restraining order complete.

“Family Divorce”
Julie ⎜ December 16, 2016

I appreciate the courtesy, compassion, respect, and professionalism with which my divorce case was handled. Divorce is a painful matter, there is no denying that. However, I was represented fairly and felt like my wishes and concerns were fully addressed throughout. Since divorce was the final outcome of my case, this was as “good” of a divorce as I could have hoped for. Thank you.

Lisa ⎜ December 14, 2016

Jennifer was my lawyer during my mediation. She came in on the tale end of my divorce and was SUPERB!! She was understanding and empathetic yet thorough and professional. I was very pleased with the outcome of my mediation and the follow up afterwards. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who needs her assistance!

“Parenting Plan/ Domestic Violence Issues”
Rebecca ⎜ December 12, 2016

Matthew did an excellent job and taking care of my case. I wanted custody and the judge’s review was fair. I was pleased with the results although this case still lingers on until my child turns 18. Matthew was excellent in the things that he did and presented. I would refer him to anyone who needed a lawyer that could afford it in my experience.

“Piece of Mind”
Harvey ⎜ December 3, 2016

Although my case is still in progress, I am very happy with the way I am being brought up to date in matters which needs attention. I am confident of the outcome based on our communication.

“Very Helpful”
Daniel ⎜ November 22, 2016

My attorney stood up for me and made sure I was treated fairly and she encouraged me to keep going until things were justly settled. I appreciate the work that she did to settle this case!

“Compassionate, Professional Attorney”
Shawna ⎜ November 5, 2016

Jennifer Lacoste and her paralegal, Zulema Cornejo, were the legal team assigned to help me with my child support modification at Ashby Law. Initially, Jennifer helped me to attempt to resolve the issues out of court, which was so different from the attorney that I had hired for my divorce. It was obvious from day one that she understood my personal goals and stayed in line with those rather than just wanting to create a big fight. After that failed to resolve the problems, Jennifer explained all of my different options so we could make the best choices for me. The day before the hearing, Jennifer and Zulema took the time to compassionately walk me through everything that was going to happen. You never know how a hearing will go, but with Jennifer by my side, I knew that I would be in great hands. At the hearing, the judge began to rule more towards the opposing side’s plan. Jennifer knocked it out of the park when she corrected the judge’s basis for the ruling in such a professional manner that the judge thanked her! 5 minutes later we walked out of that court house with a better ruling than I had even asked for, I couldn’t believe it. I am so grateful for Jennifer and Zulema and the attention that they have taken with my case. Having caring people by your side makes all the difference in the world!

Ian ⎜ October 11, 2016

Excellent experience with Matthew. He was able to walk me through everything I needed, answered any questions I encountered, and most importantly made me feel like my case was being handled in a professional manner. Highly recommended!!!

“Child Custody”
Anonymous ⎜ October 6, 2016

This was a result we did not expect. My son was able to get weekends with his children at the first hearing. He was great at putting together a truthful and we’ll thought out defense. This is not over however we are so pleased with the result. Thank you Zack.

“Excellent Service”
Lori ⎜ October 6, 2016

I reside in California and found Ashby Law in Kennewick through researching Law Practices. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with the excellent professional service I received from everyone in the entire practice. I dealt with Anita Rought, Paralegal throughout the entire proceedings and she was always prompt in answering any questions or concerns I had. Zachary Ashby and Anita handled everything in the case without causing me any duress. They were on top of everything and always had my best interests first and foremost.

Divorce proceedings can be difficult especially when the parties do not reside in the same state but this firm was amazing and I would recommend them highly. I will also say that they were fair in regards to billing.

“Amazing Attorney”
Anonymous ⎜September 29, 2016

I appreciate having Jennifer as my lawyer. She is professional, focused and a wonderful attorney to have on your side. She took on my case even though she has not taken on a case like mine. I would recommend Jennifer and her law firm to anyone that is looking for good, honest attorneys. They are worth every dime I have.

“Overcame Impossible Jurisdiction Issues, Highly Recommended”
Anonymous ⎜July 26, 2016

Many attorneys in two different states over a period of months told me that I wouldn’t be able to get my divorce case moved to Washington from Oregon because of complexities involved including custody however Kimberly achieved the impossible. I was very blessed that she was willing to take on such a difficult case when nobody else was willing to in both states. She was extremely patient and helpful with all my phone calls and emails and always explained things very well. I would highly recommend Kimberly Powell and her firm, they were truly amazing to work with.

“Extremely Impressed with Ashby Family Law”
Myles ⎜March 29, 2016

Mona Tovar and Jared Paulsen took on my case and provided exceptional focus to resolve conflicts and maintain positive communication between my spouse and myself, assisting in coming to mutual agreements in order to ease the process and resolve quickly. My experience working with Ashby Family law is their focus is what is best for everyone involved, but primarily the children (if children are involved). During the stressful, tense, uncomfortable process of Divorce, Mona and Jerod made the time for me, and provided the best legal advice, reducing my stress, and tension, to ease the legal process and finalize the process quickly. I am very impressed with how everyone at Ashby Law treats me like family, with kind words, prompt responses over the phone, or through email, and an office full of kind, courteous, respectful people. I can’t thank Ashby Family law enough for everything they have done for me during this difficult time in life.

Got the job done!
Kathy ⎜June 29, 2016

It was a long and tedious divorce but she was able to help navigate me through the laborious process. I would recommend Kimberly if you in need of legal assistance.

Ellen ⎜June 27, 2016

Atty. Kim Powell is the perfect choice to represent me, and so is Cassidy, her assistant. I needed a team who could make me feel at ease while going through the process, and they did just that.

Kim and Cassidy were prompt in replying to my questions and concerns, and in taking action if I had a request. They have gone the extra mile to assist me without added costs even the case was over, and it made a big difference. My sincerest thanks to Kim and Cassidy.

“Everything she has said about my case; she has done…”
Brian ⎜June 17, 2016

I Hired Kimberly because my case was in Oregon and I lived in Washington, Kimberly follows a strict code of ethics she is easy to talk too, polite and very professional. Everything she has said about my case she has done and followed through with it. If I have to hire a lawyer again it won’t be just anyone it will be Kimberly at Ashby Law

“Personal and thorough service!”
Anonymous ⎜April 20, 2016

I hired Kim for what should have been a fairly simple divorce; it ended up with so many complications because my now-ex-husband went off the rails a bit. Meeting with Kim always made me feel confident and calm, and her preparation was always top-notch. Even now, after our divorce has been finalized, Kim is helping me with the transition as I deal with some outlandish behavior from my ex. Kim will make you feel as though you are her only client and she has all the time in the world for you, when in fact she is completely swamped! She really goes the extra mile to make sure her clients feel protected, safe, confident, and at ease. I also appreciate Kim’s honesty. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone seeking help with family law.

“Awesome Service”
Joseph ⎜February 16, 2016

Kimberly did an awesome job for me, she guided me in the right direction and made me feel comfortable. This law office is simply awesome and I wouldn’t go to any other lawyer other than her.

“Highly Recommended”
Anonymous ⎜February 10, 2016

Hiring Ashby Law was such a relief. They treated me with care and acted as if they cared. It was such a pleasant surprise. They handled my case with professionalism and achieved a resolution that I would not have received elsewhere. Thank you Kimberly Powell and Ashby Law.

Caring, Competent Attorney who will go the extra mile for you!
Posted by Shawna ⎜February 1, 2016

Mrs. Powell was assigned to my case with just hours to go before my hearing, she threw herself in to as if it were for her. Her attention to the details and caring nature made me feel confident that whether I was granted my relocation or not that I had received the best legal representation possible. We met after hours and exchanged several e-mails late into that night. She really went above and beyond and her efforts really showed that next morning at the hearing. I knew I was in great hands with Kim Powell!

“Renewed my Faith in Lawyers”
Jessica ⎜Dec 9, 2015

We were absolutely terrified having to face another custody battle. Our original lawyer left us broke, never answered our questions and left us with an agreement that was useless. Jennifer and her amazing paralegals completely renewed my faith in lawyers. She is thorough, she is patient, she is incredibly reassuring. I am so happy that she was assigned to our case by Ashby Law. You received everything we asked for and in an incredibly timely manner. I just want to say thank you Jennifer, Rose, Katie and everyone else at Ashby for making us feel like family. We will always highly recommend you to anyone.

“Absolutely Amazing!”
Tia ⎜November 13, 2015

Ashby Law is an absolutely amazing law firm. My attorney was Kimberly Powell and my paralegal was Denora Sandoval. They took on my case with full force and got the outcome I wanted. My case was not a typical divorce case because my ex-husband was located in Mexico. Kimberly and Denora were able to go above and beyond and get the job done considering this was not an easy case and it was international. My legal team used great strategy to achieve the results I wanted along with getting it completed within 90 days. I would definitely recommend Ashby Law to anyone seeking help in family law. I would especially recommend Kimberly Powell because she truly stands apart from other attorneys. She genuinely listens to your needs and works with you to help you get the results YOU want!!!

“The BEST Firm in the TRI-CITIES”
Kavin ⎜October 31, 2015

I have had a couple of lawyers in the Tri-Cities in the last 20 years. But none of them have ever been as Professional as this Firm. I was always advised on all details of my case. Scott even informed me that we could keep fighting and it would have cost another couple of thousand dollars. But informed me that the cost to me would be more than the reward. Most lawyers in the past had just taken my money and not informed me of the final outcome. Scott and his team are there for you, and not there to just take as much money from you knowing the final outcome. You will never be blindsided by this firm.

Miranda ⎜October 30, 2015

“I had the pleasure working with Kimberly Powell, and her fabulous paralegal Cassidy Clyde. I was having to defend myself out of the state of Washington and was feeling helpless, but Kim and her staff gave me positive reassurance. They were able to get my case dismissed, due to jurisdiction, without seeing the inside of a court room, less than one month. I always felt up to date with everything happening, and any

“Amazing Lawyer”
Daniel ⎜September 29, 2015

Glenn is truly a great man, he worked tirelessly on my case. I am a 100% disabled combat veteran, which made my case harder. Glenn and Alicia treated me as family and not just another client. They were truly a pleasure to work with and got me the best results possible in my case. I would recommend them to anyone, especially other veterans going though divorce. Thanks to them I have more time with my daughter and for that I am forever grateful.

“Thank You!”
Posted by a client ⎜September 23, 2015

My experience with Ashby law was a very positive one. 
Glenn is an excellent attorney, very knowledgeable and caring. He and his paralegal Cassidy are pleasure to work with and are very good at what they do. My case was settled to satisfaction of both parties involved and everything was done in timely manner. Thanks again!

“Winning is Good”
Javier ⎜Sept 23, 2015

Legal issues are unfortunately a part of today’s day and age, but when it comes to family law and getting what your needs and rights are, Jennifer will fight for you! After serving 15 years in the military and being diagnosed with PTSD, false threatening and violent allegations were brought against me that could have kept me from my children. Not only did we go to court and have the false allegations dropped, but Jennifer got a temporary parenting plan in place so I could see my children and set for mediation. Thank you Jennifer you are the best.” question I had was answered the same day with the utmost support and compassion. This team is amazing and I would recommend them to anyone having to battle for custody. Thank you so much to Kim, Cassidy, Alyssa, and Beth. You all are a true blessing!

“Thank you”
Tom ⎜September 20, 2015

I went to Ashby Law looking for help, and i found it in a big way, I went to Ashby law for a consultation on a child custody battle. while there I was told that I could possibly qualify for Benton county legal aid and that I have a good chance. Ashby law then took me on pro-Bono. I had started the process with all the court papers and they just jumped in head first and took over, WOW once they got into the fight it was over very fast. Kim, Cassidy and the rest of the team did an outstanding job of helping me in and out of the court room they stayed with me all the way to the end. the things i like the best is that they wanted to make sure I understood what was happening, no question went unanswered and no problem went unsolved. Kim and her team did fabulous for me and would recommend this firm to any one that want a real person to help them and not just some one that wants your money. so go see Kim and her team.

Thank You So Much!
Jasper ⎜September 17, 2015

When looking to obtain legal services for issues regarding your family’s needs it can be overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes very scary. This is especially true when you have no idea of what to do or how to start working towards a resolution. I tried to accomplish my legal needs on my own which became too complicated to continue. I looked to Kimberly J Powell from Ashby Law office to help my family resolve and legalize our custody arrangements. Not only did she hit the ground running but she also made sure that I knew the what, where, and why about my case and its progression. Our case is closing and all parties are completely satisfied with the results. Kimberly not only lived up the expectations disclosed at the first meeting we had when we entered the office, but she and her staff went above and beyond when it came to helping us work through our case as it progressed. Anyone who is overwhelmed, confused, or scared about their legal issues look to Kimberly J Powell and Ashby law for some resolution. Those emotions will give way to satisfaction and happiness and you will be smiling as I am while you write your review.

“Highly Recommend Ashby Law”
Posted by a client ⎜August 9, 2015

I interviewed several firms and they seemed competent, but when I first met Scott and the rest of the team at Ashby law I knew I had found the right fit. They were organized, thorough and compassionate. They immediately understood my desire to put my relationship with my kids at the top of my list of priorities. They easily understood that we would have an eternal relationship so keeping it strong was also their first priority.

“Child Support”
Robert ⎜July 24, 2015

I was hit with a modification in my child support and did not have an attorney to help me with my case. I choose Ashby Law office and was introduced to Jennifer. She is a new attorney, but don’t let that fool you. She is very knowledgeable and knows what the best choice or direction is for her client. She was successful in getting what I asked for and even negotiated with the opposing parties lawyer to get me a better plan than I initially thought of. More recent there have been other issues besides the child support. Jennifer and my paralegal Zulema have been able to quickly adapt and change tactics on how to handle the situation. If there is ever a time that I can’t get a hold of them they are quick to either send me a message through MY CASE online or call me right back and ALWAYS leave a message. I would recommend the both of them to anyone going through a situation that involves family law. If anything else arises in my situation I am surely to go back to them.

“Excellent job done!”
Dale ⎜July 15, 2015

Jennifer was wonderful to work with. She took the time to understand my case and listen to my concerns. She was always very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her and the rest of the staff at Ashby Law.

“A Committed Practitioner”
Matthew ⎜July 14, 2015

Jennifer is a dedicated practitioner and cares deeply about her clients. She is fully committed to family law and knows how to assist her clients in the most advantageous manner. I would definitely recommend her for any custody, divorce, child support, or alimony type issues.

“I have had nothing but excellent service”
Samantha ⎜July 7, 2015

I have hired 4 attorneys in the last few years to work on my case. Jennifer Lacoste has been by far the greatest to work with. She is very efficient with everything she does. Jennifer goes out of her way to get things done, to accomplish what is of high importance and the little things that need answering as well. I highly recommend Jennifer Lacoste.

“The best experience with an attorney & staff during such a stressful life event”

Everyone in the office
Amy ⎜July 2, 2015

Everyone in the office from receptionist to paralegal to attorney was such a pleasure to do business with. Going thru a divorce is never an easy process, however the staff at Ashby Law hold themselves to such a high standard that they made the past couple of months for me go by very smooth. Anytime I had a question or concern they were very quick to respond and provided me with as much information as possible so that everything was easy to understand and in turn helped me to not be so stressed out. I would refer Kimberly Powell along with her paralegal Cassidy to anyone of my close friends or family members.

“I felt safe with her on my side…”
Jenifer ⎜June 25, 2015

Jennifer got assigned to my case last minute and she was amazing with how quickly she responded and how much attention she paid as to what was going on. She is very sweet and talked me through everything that was going on. I felt safe with her on my side, she even walked me out to my vehicle knowing I was uncomfortable with the other party walking not far behind me. Thank you Jennifer ????

“Excellent attorney! Very efficient and professional! “
June 11, 2015

I turned to Ashby Law for a divorce case after my first attorney didn’t represent me well and just took my money. I am happy to have made the switch because both Kimberly Powell and Scott Ashby were tremendously helpful. They kept me updated on my case weekly and many times several times a week. Jennifer Lacoste (legal assistant) and all the other office staff were just as great. Although the fees are a bit high, you definitely get what you pay for when you choose Powell or Ashby. They were straight forward and honest about every detail and the outcome of the case, and there were no surprises. Should I ever need legal advice in the future I will only choose Ashby Law PLLC!!

So Grateful!
Anonymous ⎜June 4, 2015

We needed to move and had zero idea what we were doing since my ex-wife disappeared. Ashby law made it so easy for us! And the staff is amazingly sweet!! I would recommend them to anyone!

Jacob ⎜April 3, 2015

Glenn and Jennifer LaCoste both worked on my case. I would not want to work with any other legal team. They are the team to beat in the Tri Cities. Not only do they respond in a timely manner to your pressing needs and concerns they also answer all questions. They make every effort to keep you informed and win your case!

“An Amazing Lawyer”
Jacob ⎜April 3, 2015

Scott and his team are simply amazing. They go over every detail with you and never leave you uninformed. They are more than willing to work with their clients and listen to their needs. Jennifer LaCoste was also a great asset to have working on my case. Truly a remarkable office and I would highly recommend them to others.

“Worth it”
Glen ⎜January 30, 2015

Scott was the third attorney I had help with a child support case. I felt that he and his team handled my case efficiently and ethically, especially considering the circumstances. While his rates may be higher than most, the efficiency of the operation makes up for it. Communication was prompt and courteous throughout. I was comforted knowing that he had my back. I would definitely hire him again.

“Scott Ashby – A Lawyer You Can Trust”
Rich ⎜January 30, 2015

Scott and his staff handled my divorce with competence, compassion and commitment. I was kept well-informed throughout the process, and my requests for information were answered in timely manner. He earned his fee, as well as my respect and gratitude.

“Excellent support”
Eric ⎜December 3, 2014

Ashby law was more than happy to help me with my divorce. timely, professional and not to mention the cost was hundreds less than other quotes. They treated me like family.

“Wonderful team!”
Bethany ⎜November 4, 2014

I had a good experience with the Ashby Law team! They were all very nice and efficient. I was never left hanging, and everything was completed in a timely manner with great communication! They were always ready to answer questions or assurance. I highly recommend their firm!

“An amazing attorney and great law office”
Dakota ⎜November 3, 2014

I have never had to have an attorney before my case, so going into this I had absolutely no idea what was going on but Glenn and his staff made everything so much easier and I understood things a lot more. They were able to keep my very informed and let me know everything. I thank them for everything.?

Very Professional
Jerry ⎜November 3, 2014

Mrs. Powell handled my custody case very professionally and promptly. After dealing with other local attorneys the Ashby law firm was a breath of fresh air! I was always kept up to date on the status of my case, billing was on par and easy to understand. I definitely recommend Mrs. Powell to anyone, she was great to work with.

“Amazing Attorney”
Posted by a client ⎜October 20, 2014

Mr. Slate was extraordinarily helpful during our family’s difficult custody modification proceeding. Thank goodness for his candid advice and care he put into our matter. We couldn’t have been any happier.

“One of the best attorneys and law firms in the area!”
Posted by a client ⎜October 20, 2014

After experiencing a couple other attorneys in town for my custody proceeding, I ended up at Ashby Law with attorney Glenn Slate. It was a breath of fresh air to have someone take over my case who is knowledgeable and understanding with an absolutely competent staff that is always right there and ready to help.

“Very Dedicated”
Ron ⎜September 19, 2014

I worked with Mr. Slate both as opposing counsel on several cases and as co-counsel on others. He is very dedicated to his clients and works hard to represent their interests. I would recommend him.

Excellent Attorney and Law Office!!!!!!!
Rogue ⎜December 22, 2014

Had a great experience with Scott Ashby and his office. He helped me with child support and custody of my other son. The receptionist is very sweet and helpful and had everything handled for me when I couldn’t do it. Scott’s paralegal Jennifer LaCoste did an amazing job handling my name change as well and I know she’ll be becoming a lawyer soon and I can say she’ll make a great lawyer!!! Thank you all for your help!

“What a Team”
Jim ⎜December 18, 2014

Just want to say thank you for all you have done for me over the last couple months. I always feel as though I’m not just a case, but a person that you actually want to help! I thank you for that. The last month has been very trying on me and your ability to respond and understand my concerns has been a great comfort. Throw the extended stay in the hospital with my stress level being high and your ability to get the needed information from me when I wasn’t quite myself should be commended. I really appreciate everything you do each and every day! Hopefully this mess will be settled fair and balanced. Knowing your helping is definitely comforting to me that all will be ok!!!

“Professional and Proficient”
Angela ⎜October 31, 2014

Scott Ashby and his paralegal assistant Cassidy handled my dissolution case several months ago. They were not only professional, but kept things running smoothly. They were there to answer all of my questions and always made sure I understood what was going on with the case. They went above and beyond on all of the issues that came up during the case and did such a great job. Not only that, but they also did their best to utilize their time as efficiently as possible to keep rates as low as possible. Mr. Ashby did a great job of utilizing his paralegals and office team. I would 100% refer any of my family or friends to Mr. Ashby and his offices. If I should ever need assistance again, they would be the office I would go to.

“Professional Experience”
Kathrine ⎜August 15, 2014

Overall, I have had a great and professional experience and positive outcome with Mr. Ashby and his legal assistant Manna. My case was time sensitive and Mr. Ashby and Manna did well to handle my case in a timely manner as well as kept me updated on a regular basis. Both were also very personable and positive individuals and were easy to work with. Thank you for a positive experience!

“Very Helpful in a Stressful Situation”
Karen ⎜August 13, 2014

When I got slammed with a ridiculous lawsuit, Scott and his staff helped me through it. Definitely recommend them and though I hope I’m never in a similar situation I know they would be there for me again if I needed them

“An OUTSTANDING lawyer with an OUTSTANDING team working with him!”
Jacob ⎜May 30, 2014

I contacted Mr. Ashby in July of last year to assist with a Child Care Plan update. Since then he and his administrative team lead by Manna have gone above and beyond. Not only am I kept informed with email and case updates but, also with personalized phone calls. Since I am military they were able to represent me while I was away and kept me informed the entire time. Mr. Ashby will fight for you and make sure you are properly represented. They leave no stone unturned and make sure that you are well taken care of. I cannot say how grateful my family and I are to have gone through the Ashby Law Office. Truly an amazing team!

“You Get What You Pay for Here”
Michael W. Bruce ⎜March 31, 2014

Scott Ashby is an excellent choice for a family law lawyer if you desire all your legal bases covered. I have dealt with plenty of lawyers in the past only to sense their greediness throughout the case. Not the case with Scott! He was exemplary all the way through. His para legal Manna was bar none the best I have worked with yet. It was a pleasure working with them.

“Our Parenting Plan”
Merle ⎜January 30, 2014

Scott and his team were great in the entire process. They kept us informed with our options and gave excellent advice. There’s so much more. Just know that if or when we need a great lawyer Scotts office is where we will be going. Thank you for all your team has done for us and our children.

“Would Hire Again, No Question!”
Victor C. ⎜November 13, 2013

The first time we met Mr. Ashby was during our consultation, and he was nothing but honest with everything he said. He did not try to sweet talk us into hiring him. He was honest and straight forward about what the outcome might be and the entire process which made us feel very comfortable. His assistant Manna was wonderful! She was always super friendly and returned phone calls fairly quick. She was always working hard to get me answer fast and really determined to help us with our case as best as she could, as did Mr. Ashby. Attorney Ms. Manna was also helping with our case and she was great, I was so glad to have her helping as well! They make a great team and I have never felt any other attorney be so honest and work hard to try to and help with our case!

“Happy Client”
Cherie ⎜September 28, 2013

Mr. Ashby was the second attorney that I had in my family law case. The first attorney that I had withdrew after dropping the ball and missing key deadlines. Thus, when I came to Ashby Law, despite the advanced timeline in my case, there was an enormous amount of work that needed to be done. Mr. Ashby and his staff got my case back on track. I was so impressed with Mr. Ashby and his staff. First and foremost, I found his firm to be one with integrity in every way. That’s not something that you usually hear about lawyers!

I was extremely pleased with the service that I received from Ashby Law. Everyone at the firm is extremely professional yet genuinely friendly. (I have met a few very snotty front end staff and paralegals in the last year, but certainly not at Ashby Law! Nothing but the most helpful, caring support people there). Mr. Ashby always provided excellent counsel that enabled me to make the decisions that resulted in an excellent financial settlement as well as parenting plan. I also appreciated his combination of concern and understanding yet frankness. I like frankness; might as well know the reality of the situation so you can make an informed decision.

Finally, I had a lot of questions. Mr. Ashby and his staff always listened to and answered all of my questions both in person and via email. Not all attorneys are so attentive. Some of them prefer to talk over you and/or ignore you, depending on the situation.

P.S. My first lawyer appeared to be cheaper at first look. But I would suggest that you not be fooled by purely comparing an hourly rate or some other number. A low hourly rate can end up in a high bill if not billed with integrity. But once again, Ashby Law has integrity in every way, including in their billing! Best wishes to Ashby Law and their future clientele ????

“Excellent, Professional, and Trustworthy”
Matthew ⎜July 28, 2013

I retained the services of Mr. Ashby for guiding me and my wife through the legal process of taking our daughter out of state for a new job I was offered. Our daughter’s bio father has been absent from his daughter’s life and did not want any part of it. However, the parenting plan in place stated he still had certain legal rights in being able to see her each week at certain times. Mr. Ashby and Manna explained to me what our options were in dealing with this matter and the different scenarios that could occur. He was extremely professional and had a strong desire to help us. The initial estimate was consistent with the actual price we had to pay. I would be more than glad to retain his services again.

“If your wanting to stay informed and in control of your case I recommend Scott Ashby”
Chance ⎜February 5, 2013

Scott Ashby and Manna (his assistant) have been wonderful to work with. I am updated daily on the progress of the case and have easy on-line access to our court calendar, all materials filed and attached to case and easy on-line billing. There is also a secured email and I always get immediate fast response to all my questions. This has been a difficult and emotional case for our family and when court papers were filed at the last minute, Scott and Manna worked all weekend with us via email and phone so that we were able to get our response and paperwork in on time for court first thing the following week.

Scott and Manna have been responsive and reassuring during times when we were ready to break down. I believe they have our best interest in mind and are working hard to assure our success.

I appreciate their patients, frankness and knowledge. I would highly recommend!!

“Excellent Attorney!”
Anonymous review ⎜January 4, 2013