With the hundreds of family law cases, the attorneys at Pacific Northwest Family Law have seen and with school starting up again, we thought we’d throw together a list of the triggers that cause people to come see us during the school year. Here are the top ten:

  1. Sports (really, this would take the top four or five spots if we listed each sport individually, but that wouldn’t leave room for anything else)
  2. Braces
  3. Immunizations
  4. Bad grades
  5. Parent-teacher conferences
  6. Moving
  7. A parent’s new boyfriend/girlfriend
  8. Kids learning to drive
  9. Private school vs. public school
  10. After school care

When it comes to parenting, there are a lot of things that can cause arguments. Coparenting is one of the most difficult things that divorced parents can do. You usually have two choices—give up or get some help. We help our clients to have the strength to stand up for their families and plan for long-lasting resolution of ongoing problems. Schedule an appointment today. Call 360-926-9112. Mention this article and receive a case evaluation—normally $100—for free. But you have to do so before the end of September 2019.