There comes a point in nearly every divorce or family law case where you are before a judge making an argument. It is at this point that your future lies in the hands of a person who doesn’t know you, doesn’t know your story, and doesn’t have to live with the consequences of their decision.

You Get one Chance to Make Your Case to the Judge

You get one chance—and only one—to make your case and convince this person that the way you see the world, the thing you are fighting for, should go your way.

That doesn’t happen unless you know how to talk to the judge.

Speaking from experience and observation, it can be very easy to piss off a judge. The judge sits and presides. The judge, in the moment he or she makes a decision, is not wrong (he or she may be wrong later, but not at the moment).

So what does the judge really want? To make the right decision.

Yes, believe it or not, the people who become judges almost always want to make society a better place. They want to improve their communities, neighborhoods, and cities because they are fellow citizens and neighbors.

It is your job to help the judge come to the right decision.

This is more of an art than a science because the judge only really responds to certain ways of speaking and arguing. To help the judge get what she wants, you must:

  • Know the law. Not just statutes, but past cases included cases that have recently been in front of the judge.
  • Focus on the factors that are important. So many people try to drag up an entire lifetime of history. These people lose. The judge gets lost. No one is happy.
  • Treat everyone with respect. It does not matter what lies or arguments your soon to be ex spouse or his attorney say. You have got to be respectful.
  • Follow all the rules. There are published rules online. There are also preferences of each judge that should be treated as rules.

Giving the judge what she wants will often lead to you getting what you want. The attorneys at Pacific Northwest Family Law have lots of experience helping judges get what they want. We can help you. But we can’t do so until you call. Schedule your appointment today and let’s get started. Call 360-926-9112. Mention this article for a free consultation worth $100. But you have to do so before the end of September 2019.