Dealing with a spouse who is unfaithful or who attempts to hide money and assets can be a frustrating experience. Many times the other spouse knows something is going on, whether it be because of little inconsistencies or just a gut feeling, but has no actual proof to back up his or her suspicions. If you believe your spouse is hiding something, should you hire a private investigator?

First, if you are considering hiring a private investigator, it is important to do your research. Washington State requires investigators to have a state-issued license, which ensures that the companies and investigators comply with certain professional standards. If you do choose to hire help, always be sure to research the company and choose a reputable, licensed person or firm who fits your needs.

There are three main reasons that a private investigator may be helpful in a divorce case. If any of the following apply to you, read on to learn more about why these professionals may benefit your case.

Find Hidden Money

Private investigators are often most helpful when it comes to finding evidence of hidden assets. Investigators have access to multiple types of databases which can provide proof of hidden funds, and also have the resources to follow a person for an extended period of time. Using these methods, the investigator may turn up private bank accounts, hidden storage facilities, or even other identities that a person may have been using to hide funds from his or her spouse.

Find Infidelity

Because Washington is a no-fault divorce state, evidence of infidelity often doesn’t matter. It cannot be used as a reason to “punish” another in a divorce, for instance, by asking for additional spousal support or alimony. However, in certain instances evidence of infidelity may be useful. Most likely, when the couple had a prenuptial agreement that called for financial consequences in case of proven adultery.

Find Character Evidence

Finally, a private investigator may be useful for parents who need proof that their child’s other parent is unfit. An investigator may be able to take video or find evidence of drug use, driving under the influence, or other dangerous behaviors that may affect that person’s parenting time.

At Pacific Northwest Family Law, our attorneys are open to using all types of legally-gathered evidence to help your case. If you are considering hiring an investigator, speak with an experienced family law attorney first to ensure that you are not wasting your time and money.

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