If money is tight, you may be looking for ways to pursue your divorce without a lawyer. Before you attempt to handle your divorce yourself, there are a lot of hidden costs to consider.

A skilled attorney will help identify potential problems with parenting plans or financial arrangements that you and your spouse are considering. Many cases that go through occur after final divorce documents were entered by people representing themselves who now find that the agreements they entered into cost them much more than they initially thought.

An attorney can also estimate the costs of achieving what you would like to see happen in your divorce, and future costs after you divorce is finalized. Experiences attorneys will be able to estimate with some clarity what steps need to be taken, what documents need to be filed, and what information must be disclosed for you to have the kind of future after divorce that you are hoping for.

The majority of people can save money on their divorce by working with a law firm that is skilled in mediation, collaborative law, or other alternative dispute resolution methods. The costs of divorce are much more reasonable when couples choose to work together to resolve their problems out of court with the help of their attorneys.

If neither you nor your spouse are able to afford an attorney for your divorce, you may be able to work with a legal aid clinic or a limited license legal technician. These types of services exist to help low-income individuals obtain divorce with a minimum amount of legal assistance.

While legal aid clinics will do the best that they can to assist you, these services are often swamped with clients and cannot provide the personal assistance that many people need. People seeking divorce will get better service from an attorney that has the time and resources to devote to their case. For that reason, it is usually better for divorcing spouses to save or borrow money to retain an attorney for their divorce.

At Pacific Northwest Family Law, we are committed to providing our clients with the personal attention and service that they deserve. We will work with you and your partner during your divorce to resolve your issues outside of court as much as possible, so that you can focus your resources on your family.

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