Finding the ideal divorce attorney is different that finding, let’s say, the perfect criminal defense lawyer.

Divorce is a complicated, personal event that encompasses various aspects of finances, family, and, often, heartbreak. To pursue a path towards divorce you need someone who is the right fit to lead that journey. What are the most important attributes to look for?

Ok, this is not fair because chemistry isn’t really a trait. Either two people have it or they don’t. Having chemistry with your lawyer simply means getting along, being comfortable and feeling like you can be honest. Chemistry is difficult to define but we certainly know it when we have it with someone. Simply put, it is critical to ‘click’ with your divorce lawyer.

In a divorce case there are constant inquiries, updates and uncertainties that require an attorney’s attention. However, attorneys are often occupied with court hearings, depositions, drafting documents and the like. Does your potential attorney have a legal team that can be in contact with you to answer your questions when they arise? Are they responsive to your needs to know what is going on with your case?

Your Great Aunt Betty recommended her daughter to you but she is a landlord tenant attorney. You love your aunt but divorce is a thorny area of jurisprudence that dictates you retain someone with experience and familiarity with the law. Think about it this way – would you ask a psychiatrist to perform your cardiac bypass? I hope not. Do the research, meet a few or as many lawyers as you like and find someone who focuses their practice in family law.

Whatever your financial status, most people are going to examine an attorney’s fees before hiring one. Not all attorney fees are created equal. If you pay bottom dollar for the most “affordable” attorney in town, you may lose big time down the road. The right attorney for you knows his or her value. This is an investment in your future, what is your future worth to you?

Kind, Caring & a Killer?
You want someone patient, warm and an absolute beast at the negotiating table, right? Divorce is so delicate, so emotionally charged, the lawyer must be sensitive to the client. At the same time, you don’t want someone to sing Kumbaya around a campfire with the opposing party, either.Your family is undergoing a transition. You deserve someone who is able to understand that transition and tenaciously seeks to give you the structure and security you need to start the next stage in your life.

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