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Divorce is awful. It doesn’t matter why it’s happening. And, while it may seem a lonely road and you don’t know what to do or who to trust, we can make that journey better. Our goal is that when you enter our office, things start to get better. If you are considering a divorce or if your spouse has asked for a divorce, let us help.

Too often, divorce is a contest to destroy the other spouse, to make the other person look bad, to be negative and hurtful. Too often, divorce is purely destructive, both sides suffer terribly, and a judge whom you have never met and who will never really know you decides your future and the future of your family based on testimony by each spouse seeking to show the other spouse at their worst. Words are spoken in public forums and “on the record” leave lasting scars that strain or destroy relationships with children and parents and grandparents, and that make it impossible to co-parent in any meaningful way after the divorce is completed. The damage can reach to children yet unborn.

And you can avoid all that hurt, harm, and heartache divorcing the right way. Get the right advice. Follow the right plan. And the right plan is one that helps you break with the past and renew your life so that you can be the best you possible. Divorce can be constructive—if done correctly and with a plan in place. Divorce can be your opportunity for a successful future for you and for your family members. Assets and liabilities can be divided in creative ways to set both spouses on the path to future success. More importantly, parenting plans can be created that allow and even encourage parents to continue to co-parent healthy, happy children.

Too often, children are the unintended casualties of divorce as parents greedily try to take all they can. Children end up as weapons of spousal destruction. Children are forced to take sides and lose respect for both parents and for marriage, creating intergenerational harm. But done correctly, your children can learn respect and can benefit from supportive parents who work together for their children’s best interests.

Imagine a process that ends with a child and her divorced parents comfortably attending the child’s high-school events, graduation, and eventual wedding. Imagine being able to be present at your grandchild’s birth and christening without awkwardness or bad feelings. And then imagine how too many divorces are handled, resulting in one or both parents being dis-invited to these critical life events.

Completing a divorce without destroying the family for generations isn’t easy. It requires a legal team that shares those goals with you and plans strategically with you to make your goals reality. Importantly, that doesn’t mean that you give up or that you don’t stand up to a spouse that is being destructive or bullying.

We aren’t talking about some mooshy, kumbaya, hold your hand, divorce plan. No, you need someone to coach you through your worst days and find ways for you to overcome whatever is thrown at you. We are talking about tough representation when needed, and skillful negotiation when it’s right. We are talking about someone to stand by you who knows the process and can give you advice on creating a better tomorrow.

At Ashby Law, our legal teams are never intimidated and never back down. At the same time, they are trained and focused on being creative, not destructive. We want to help you become the creator of your own destiny and we can assist you on that path. At Ashby Law, the choice is always yours.

The Domestic Abuse Prevention Scholarship

The attorneys at Ashby Law are proud to announce The Domestic Abuse Prevention Scholarship. This scholarship is being implemented to allow students to voice their opinion on domestic violence laws in the United States and explain steps they feel are necessary to help protect victims of domestic abuse. Please visit our scholarship page for more information on eligibility and the application process.

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