Washington Father’s Rights Lawyer

It is tough being a dad these days. And despite the big, public push in recent years to make family law courts more even-handed to dads in divorce and custody cases, when it comes to children, moms too often have all the advantages in court.

We know, because we advocate for fathers in court almost every day. At Ashby Law, we understand families and we care about the rights of fathers. Our mission is to preserve and protect family relationships. We understand and believe in the critical importance of an active, present father in the life of every child.

Look, part of the problem is that, traditionally, the father is outside the home bringing home the bacon. We hope that has been part of what you have done, too. That’s the life that most of the people at Ashby Law have lived. But that often left the children in mom’s care only. The courts would base decisions for child care on that tradition. But what about situations where the wife has proudly joined the workforce, too? Now, what is the story you are going to tell the court? Let us help you with that.

Way too often, even now, courts (and many attorneys) look at dads in divorce or custody cases primarily as a source of child support payments and not as a caring, nurturing parenting. That’s just wrong.

Fathers are an essential part to any child learning to be successful. Father’s help guide their children to adulthood, know right from wrong, and develop a strong work ethic. We believe that you, as a father, ought to be as involved in your child’s life so that you can provide that role model of what it means to be a man. Because no one else can really provide that for your children.

And, too often, fathers find it difficult to express those thoughts and desire to the court. These are emotional things. It takes skilled speaking and persuasion to get the Court to move from a traditional mindset. And, trust us, your wife’s attorney is not looking out for you. That’s where we come in.

Every kid needs a dad. Dad means more than a bank account. Dad is more that weekend “visits.” Kids need dads all the time. Kids need dads who can help them, teach them and nurture them in the ways that only Dads can.

Even when your adult relationship has ended, your relationship with your children shouldn’t. We can help make sure you are a part of your kid’s life. We fight to keep those lines of communication open, so that, as your kid grows up, you can be there to help guide him or her along the path to being an adult. Our experienced legal teams want to help you maintain that special relationship with your child. We have the tools and resources and experience to even the field. Please let us help!