Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution that parties can use to resolve a legal dispute, include divorces and other family law cases. An arbitration involves both parties, each of whom is typically represented by an attorney, as well as a neutral third-party decisionmaker, who is called an arbitrator. Each side presents evidence under oath to the arbitrator, although the arbitration proceedings are far less formal, as the rules of evidence are relaxed. The informal nature of the arbitration proceedings tend to make it a much more streamlined process than traditional litigation. Arbitration is not a terribly common method of alternative dispute resolution in family law matters, but it can be an effective one.

One downside to arbitration is that you not only are paying your attorney to represent you, but you also must pay the arbitrator for his or her time. However, if you are able to resolve your divorce case through arbitration, you are likely to save substantial amounts of time and money in attorney’s fees that you otherwise would be spending to litigate your divorce case in the courtroom. Arbitration can be particularly useful when the parties have only a few contested minor issues to resolve. Furthermore, an arbitrator’s decision often is similar to the decision that a judge would make in a similar case, so it gives the parties an idea as to the potential outcome of the case if they were to pursue it in court.

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