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Marital agreements come in many forms and can be useful to couples at any point in their marriage—before, during, and even after a marriage is dissolved. If you are planning to marry soon or have concerns about some financial or personal aspects of your marriage, it may be in your best interest to seek the assistance of a Yakima marital agreements lawyer. An experienced family attorney can help you navigate the legal system and ensure that your assets and those of your family are protected. En Español.

Marriage Contracts in Yakima

As with most things in life, marriage requires a lot of planning, and marital agreements are a way to plan for the future for everyone’s peace of mind. Couples often use marital agreements to sort out complex issues such as special inheritance rights, personal wealth or real estate possession, and the handling of a divorce should the marriage end.

In fact, marital agreements are becoming more popular and acceptable in society. A recent report by the Wall Street Journal, states that 50% of divorce professionals report an increase in marital agreements in the couples they serve over the past three years.

These agreements can come in two types. Prenuptial agreements, as the name implies, are signed before the marriage begins; postnuptial agreements are made after vows have already been exchanged.

Coverage for Marriage Agreements

In Yakima, a marital agreement often establishes various elements of spousal maintenance to be applied in the event of a divorce, such as how long and how much compensation will be owed as maintenance. However, the state of Washington does not enforce issues of child custody or child visitation rights in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Instead, those issues are settled in a court-ordered parenting plan should the need arise.

In addition to spousal maintenance, marital agreements can divide financial responsibilities between the spouses during the course of the marriage. Marital agreements also typically deal with issues like the inheritance of children from a previous marriage.

Marital agreements in Yakima, as well as in the rest of Washington, can have a sunset clause or written-in expiration date. For example, a couple can decide that the stipulations of a marital agreement will end after 10 years, at which point the couple can decide to pen another postnuptial agreement pursuant to their current needs or continue life without an active marital agreement.

Seeking a Yakima Marital Agreements Attorney

Writing legal contracts can be difficult and time-consuming. Often, couples using an online form may find their contract is invalid. In other cases, couples may make a mistake when constructing a marital agreement by making stipulations that are difficult or impossible to maintain, thus making the marital agreement non-enforceable by Washington State courts.

A Yakima marital agreements lawyer can assist couples with organizing and developing a marital agreement that is fair, equitable, and precisely written for each couple’s specific needs. While courts in the state of Washington are at liberty to decide whether or not to consider a marital arrangement valid, having a Yakima marital agreements lawyer present can greatly improve the likelihood that a court will uphold an agreement in your favor.

If you and your spouse would like to pursue a marital agreement, contacting a Yakima marital agreements lawyer is a great way to find the necessary help to craft a contract that is reasonable, fair, and enforceable. Call today to get started.

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