Kennewick Child Support Lawyer

Issues involving child support obligations arise not only in case of divorce but also in situations involving legal separation or other paternity matters. When parents are considering separation, it is important to keep the best interests of the children in mind. This includes ensuring that both parents consistently support their children financially until they are no longer deemed dependent.

A skilled Kennewick child support lawyer could help guide you through the court processes and ensure that your child receives the support plan that they need. Read on to learn more about how a professional family lawyer could offer you their assistance today. En Español.

How is Child Support Determined in Kennewick?

Typically paid by the non-custodial parent, child support consists of ongoing payments ordered by the court to ensure that a child can enjoy a comfortable standard of living. The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 26.19.011 specifically defines basic child support obligations as the monthly child support amount determined by the court based on the parents’ combined monthly net income and the total number of children that support is owed to. 

Washington courts rely on a specific set of guidelines, formally known as a child support economic table when determining the appropriate amount of child support that parents must provide. For those seeking an estimate of their potential monthly child support obligation, the Child Support Division of Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services offers a Quick Child Support Estimator.  

Additional Factors for Courts to Consider

After determining the respective child support obligations of both parents, the court may then look to other equitable factors that could affect the final payments that are made by the parents. Equitable factors in the state of Washington may address other children in need of support, as well as whether the parents plan to share in any expenses. When determining child support payments, it is important that all involved parties provide the court with necessary, relevant details, especially since the court has broad discretion in making its child support calculations. 

In addition to determining the appropriate amount and value of child support payments, courts will also address when and how each payment should be made, how any health care costs or medical expenses will be handled, how any daycare or educational expenses will be dealt with, and how payments will ultimately be enforced. Reach out to a skilled family lawyer to learn more.

How a Kennewick Child Support Lawyer Can Help

If one parent has already received a child support order from the court and the other parent has refused to comply with that order, a dedicated Kennewick child support lawyer could help to enforce the order in court. Additionally, if a child support order previously issued by the court is no longer appropriate due to a change in circumstances, a determined Kennewick child support lawyer may be able to have the existing order modified by the court. If you or someone you know is looking to obtain a child support order or seeking to enforce or modify a child support order already issued by a Washington court, the assistance of an experienced Kennewick child support lawyer may be extremely beneficial. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.