Our Legal Team

Ashby Law’s team of experienced Washington family lawyers are more than willing to help your family through any hardships. We know how difficult and emotionally draining divorces and child custody battles can be, so we want to be there for you. Please do not hesitate and contact one of our helpful Washington family lawyers today.

Scott T. Ashby

Scott Ashby grew up on a farm in Quincy, Washington and has always valued his familial relationships. Growing up, he enjoyed spending time with his family, growing his relationships and loved competition.

Zachary C. Ashby

Before law school, I was going to be a Professor of Spanish Literature. But a few things came up—mostly kids. My oldest are twins and were born just before I finished as an undergraduate at BYU.

Matthew R. Kaminski

Born and raised in South Florida, Matthew Kaminski received a degree in History from the University of Florida in 2006. He later earned a Juris Doctorate degree from Florida A&M College of Law in 2009.

Jennifer T. LaCoste

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Ms. LaCoste attended Carnegie-Mellon University where she focused her studies on Political Science, International Relations and Chinese Language. During her undergraduate

Brandon Holt

Born in Anchorage, Alaska, raised in California, stationed in Army bases in Georgia, and attended law school in Idaho, Brandon Holt has toured the country and recently found a welcoming home in the Tri Cities.

Kimberly J. Powell

Originally from the Tri-Cities area, Ms. Powell attended the University of Idaho where she focused her studies on Psychology and Sociology. With a desire to practice law and help children and families, in 2010

Robert Taylor-Manning

As a member of the Ashby Law family, Robert will embody the values of excellence, honesty, integrity, leadership, and service that exemplify Ashby Law. Focusing on family law, his experience in the courtroom will continue to make a difference.

Sara M. Herr-Waldroup

Sara was born in Houston, Texas before moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming where she graduated from High School. After high school, Sara moved to Seattle, Washington and began her undergraduate studies