In a hurry to get unhitched? Well if you live in Washington, and want to divorce in Washington, you may have to slow your roll – a bit.

The minimum waiting time is 90 days. That is, after the Petition for Dissolution is filed and served on the non-filing spouse, the clock starts ticking. If both spouses file together the clock starts to run after the petition is filed. However, you may have to wait longer if there are disputed issues such as division of assets, custody, alimony and others. Divorce is complicated and it is always recommended to get the assistance of an attorney.

If 90 days plus is just too unbearably long to wait there are a few faster options:

Viva Las Vegas! – With the emphasis on “viva.” You can go to Nevada to get a semi-quickie divorce, yet only if you are a resident for 6 weeks. Yes this is disappointing for those of us who thought divorce there would be as simple as their infamous drive-thru weddings. But if you can hunker down in Nevada for six weeks prior to filing it is a solid option within the Unites States, not terribly far from Washington State either.

Dominican Republic – Before renewing your passport and packing the sun block definitely speak to an attorney if you are considering the Dominican Republic divorce. You don’t need to be a resident there but Washington may not recognize the divorce, or there may be certain procedures you need to follow. The type of divorce granted is usually by mutual consent of the parties, can be done in as little as a day, but does require one party to attend the divorce hearing.

Guam – The Guam uncontested divorce is quick, cheap and only requires 7 days residency prior to filing a divorce petition. And this one is definitely recognized in all 50 states, as Guam is a United States territory. If the divorce is uncontested it takes more time (residency for 90 days) and like all contested divorces, increases the complexity of the action.

A note on Mexico which, in the past, was renowned for the quickie divorce. It now has stringent residency requirements. What once was the quickie divorce haven for celebrities may now wrap you in red tape if you attempt to divorce there. Celebrities. Don’t they always ruin it for the rest of us?

One more thing you should know, if your intended ex-spouse decides he or she got a raw deal in the quickie divorce, he or she could challenge it in Washington and it all starts over again. Sometimes the quick fix, makes things more difficult in the long-run.

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