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Adopting a child is a rewarding, life-changing experience. We are big fans, and we have Washington adoption attorneys and paralegals who are adopted or are adoptive parents. Our family lawyers can help with all types of adoptions, including uncontested adoptions, step-parent adoptions, and second parent adoptions.

Step- Parent Adoption

The most common form of adoption is step-parent adoption. When your new spouse has children, adopting these children as your own cements your new family’s bond.  If you are considering adopting a stepchild in Washington State, you will need to clear several legal hurdles. Step-parent adoption requires the parental rights of one parent to be terminated to allow a child to be adopted by the other parent’s spouse or partner.

This process can sometimes be quite demanding when a parent denies his or her consent to terminate parental rights. Our Washington adoption lawyers can help you navigate the legal system and determine the best options for you.

Second Parent Adoption

A second parent adoption allows an individual to adopt his or her partner’s biological or adopted child without terminating any parental rights.

Our Washington adoption lawyers always welcome adoption, as it is a beautiful and fulfilling aspect of family law. At Ashby Law, we share your excitement about creating a new family.

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