Washington Child Custody Lawyer

Ashby Law’s experienced legal teams are in court all the time. Custody is one of the major things we work on. But who cares if we are just like everyone else, right?
Here’s where it is different: we go forth for you, with a long-term plan. We’ll explain to you what “best interests of the child” really means. And we’ll make sure you have the tools to really participate in the plans we make to go to Court.

When we can, we resolve those issues through discussions, negotiation, and mediation. But when we can’t we don’t hesitate to go to Court. We work quickly because time is important in custody battles. Why? Courts tend to enforce the “status quo,” which means they tend to leave things as they are when nothing has changed for some time. If you do not act quickly, the court may take that as evidence that you really do not care very much. Also, if the other parent moves and significant time passes, you may have to go to a court where the child is living. If you want court-ordered time with your child, don’t delay.

Is your situation worse? Did your ex keep your child from you or otherwise accuse you of something horrible? Then you have to stand up for yourself. But you have to do it the right way. And the right way is not to make threats or lose your temper or do anything foolish. This isn’t the old west.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t fight. You fight for every moment because those kids are worth it.

If you are a parent facing that situation with your child, it is important to obtain good, experienced legal representation so that court orders can be put into place protecting your child and limiting your child’s exposure to bad situations. Courts often do not look kindly on parents who remove children from the other parent without court orders. That kind of self-help could lead to a loss of custody of the child, particularly if the other parent goes to court first.

No matter on which side of a custody battle you find yourself, you must have experienced, caring help from a good, focused legal team. Your team will give you sound advice in an emotional situation and then formulate and execute on an action plan to help you help your child. Give us a call. We can help!