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Unfortunately, many family law cases involve domestic violence or threats of domestic violence. If your spouse or former partner has threatened you or your children, you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family is safe. You have the right to request a Domestic Violence Order of Protection from the court, and our Washington domestic violence attorneys will make sure that your restraining order fits your family’s needs. To learn more or discuss the legal options available to you, consult with a family law in Washington today.

Anti-Harassment Orders

If you have been threatened by someone other than your spouse or partner, our experienced Washington domestic violence attorneys can create an anti-harassment order, which will protect you and your family from unwanted contact.

Restraining Orders

One of the best things that victims of violence or abuse can do to protect themselves is to file an application for a restraining order. These court orders prohibit a person from doing something, like contacting a victim or accessing a joint bank account. In Washington, victims of violence often file for a Domestic Violence Order of Protection (DVOP).

DVOPs are often granted on an emergency basis to prevent a person from being injured or abused. For more consult with a Washington domestic violence lawyer today.

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Washington Domestic Violence Lawyer