Kennewick Family Lawyer

There are several different family law issues on which Kennewick attorneys can provide valuable legal advice. If you are seeking assistance with drafting a marital agreement, negotiating a divorce settlement, dividing marital property, or putting in place a child custody agreement, a professional Kennewick family lawyer may have the tools necessary to assist you and your family. Become acquainted with the following information to learn more about how a skilled attorney could make a difference in your life today. En Español.

Marital Issues in Kennewick

There are several family law issues specifically related to marriage that a seasoned Kennewick family lawyer will have experience handling. For example, if two spouses are looking to protect their individual possessions and finances in case of separation or divorce, entering into a marital agreement may be in their best interests. A marital agreement is a type of legal contract meant to prevent future disagreements regarding a couple’s marital assets and property.

There are two types of marital agreements in Kennewick: prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements. While a prenuptial agreement must be finalized before a couple officially marries, a postnuptial agreement can be finalized at any point following the couple’s marriage. On the other hand, if two spouses are considering separation or divorce, a qualified Kennewick family lawyer can help navigate the divorce process. Divorce in Kennewick is considered no-fault, meaning that a judge will not consider the cause of the divorce in dividing marital property or in determining child custody, except to the extent that the same reasons also impact the care of one’s children.

Child Support and Custody

When a couple with children decides to separate or divorce, there are several additional issues they will likely need to consider. Once parents who have children together begin living separately from one another, they will need to determine which parent the child will primarily reside with, how visitation will be split, and which parent will be ultimately responsible for making important decisions on the child’s behalf.

While parents are sometimes able to agree on these important issues without the help of the Kennewick court system, some difficult decisions may require assistance from a family law judge or mediator. Courts in Kennewick will decide issues involving child custody generally based on what is in the best interests of the child. Kennewick parents are required to support their children financially until the children are no longer dependent.

In accordance with Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 26.19.011, basic child support obligations in Kennewick are determined based upon the combined monthly net income of the child’s parents and the number of children to whom support is owed. Final support obligations can often vary based on the court’s discretion.

Working with a Kennewick Family Lawyer

Regardless of the legal issue or challenge that you currently find yourself facing, a dedicated Kennewick family lawyer may be able to help you overcome it. To receive additional information as to how a family attorney in Kennewick can assist you with a family law issue, consider retaining the skilled legal assistance of a Kennewick family lawyer today.