Scott Kinshella Divorce Attorney

Scott Kinshella

Scott is a Washington State attorney specializing in custody disputes and other divorce matters. He has lived in Kennewick, WA since 2012.

Scott says, “If you’re looking for an attorney, it means something is breaking in your life. My first job is to stop the damage and keep things from getting worse. These kinds of situations bring a tremendous amount of stress, and no one is at their best when dealing with it.

I will help you avoid unnecessary conflict, and talk you through which of your worries are legitimate and which of them are just “what ifs” that you don’t need to burden yourself with. There are always options in cases.

I’ll give you the information you need to choose among them. Whether you are dealing with a custody dispute or a misdemeanor criminal matter, I will help you put your life back on track.”

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Scott moved to the Pacific Northwest after law school to be closer to family and has lived in Kennewick, WA, since 2012. He is an avid fan of the Seattle Sounders, FC.