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Before marrying or even after a marriage is finalized, it may be prudent to plan for all potential situations that could occur during the course of that marriage, up to and including divorce. To establish this plan legally, a couple might choose to enter into a formal marital agreement. A couple considering entering into such an arrangement may greatly benefit from contacting a Spokane marital agreements lawyer.

An organized family attorney could listen to your concerns and priorities for your marriage and potentially help develop a marital agreement to properly address those issues. Planning ahead in your marriage may help ease conflicts that could arise in the future.

What Is A Marital Agreement?

A marital arrangement typically is a legally-binding agreement governing how specific legal and financial matters would be resolved in the event a married couple decides to dissolve the marriage. Some provisions that may be included in this agreement are:

  • The division of assets such as real estate, financial holdings, and any other item or property deemed an asset
  • How assets should be dispersed if one of the spouses passes away following a divorce
  • Insurance coverage issues

A Spokane marital agreements attorney could help you identify other pertinent information that could be included in your agreement. This may help ensure that the agreement is both fair and equitable.

Establishing Financial Support

Unlike other states, Washington law generally allows those entering into a marital agreement to establish directives for spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance, or spousal support, often refers to a financial payment from one spouse to support the other.

Each contract signee may be given the right to decide if he or she wishes to seek spousal maintenance in the event of separation. If so, the agreement could set the rules for the specific monetary amounts to be paid out and for what duration of time.

However, state laws often prohibit spouses from creating provisions regarding child custody or child support. Though the agreement may provide an individual’s opinions regarding who he or she feels should be awarded custody or how child support payments should be made, ultimately the court would make these crucial decisions.

Finalizing and Modifying a Contract

To finalize a contract, both parties are generally expected to enter all its tenets into written form, then review, endorse, and have the agreement notarized. Prior to entering into this agreement, each individual party may wish to consider reviewing the document with an independent marital agreements lawyer in Spokane to ensure each side understands all pertinent issues. The contract typically becomes official when the entering parties are legally married.

If ever necessary, prenuptial agreements could be amended and, in certain cases, terminated. Any change generally must be agreed upon by both parties and typically should be made in writing. To terminate the agreement, one spouse would need to voice his or her desire to end the arrangement and the other generally must accept the offer. It is recommended that all steps be recorded through written documentation.

Working with a Spokane Marital Agreements Attorney

Although many couples do not intend to break up, sometimes life presents obstacles and stresses that cause a divorce. As such, it could help to take precautionary measures and enter into a prenuptial agreement. This may help you and your family avoid significant conflict and hardships in the future.

A Spokane marital agreements lawyer could help you draft and file your marriage agreement. Frequently, this may include helping to identify personal and joint assets and establish a fair method of asset distribution. Call today to discuss your marital agreement needs.

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