Walla Walla Child Support Lawyer

In Washington, child support is the responsibility of both parents. During a marriage, it is generally assumed that both parents share financial responsibility for a child or children. When a divorce occurs, child support guidelines help ensure that both parents still provide financially for any minor children that were part of the marriage.

While the non-custodial parent most often pays child support, a number of factors are used to determine who should pay as well as how much. Know that a skilled Walla Walla child support lawyer could help you navigate the complexities of Washington child support law and fight to ensure the rights of you and your child are protected. Become acquainted with the following information to learn more about how a professional family attorney could make a difference in your life today. En Español.

Child Support Schedule

Walla Walla courts use the state of Washington’s predetermined child support schedule. This schedule, found in the Revised Code of Washington Title 26 Chapter 26.19 Section 26.19.020, may help individuals estimate child support obligations. The table examines the combined monthly income of both parents in order to determine what the likely child support payment would be for families with one or two children.

For example, if one of the parents is responsible for earning 75% of the monthly income, then they will be required to provide 75% of the child support obligation while the other parent would be responsible for the remaining 25%. These payments would most often be made by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. A qualified Walla Walla child support lawyer can work to help separated couples determine a support schedule that best fits the lifestyle of both parties involved.

Understanding Combined Income

While determining the combined monthly income of both parents applying for a divorce might seem relatively straightforward, there are a few nuances that must be considered. For instance, income can come from many sources, such as:

  • Salary
  • Distributions from a trust
  • Investment income
  • Veteran’s benefits

After determining the combined monthly income from all sources that must be included, a separating couple must subtract mandatory obligations such as taxes or other support payments in order to determine the net income of both former spouses. This is the income that can be matched to the state’s child support table. Know that a knowledgeable Walla Walla child support lawyer could help individuals understand more about determining combined monthly income based on their circumstances, or offer assistance if they need a modification in their existing order as well.

Work with a Walla Walla Child Support Lawyer Today

Children need clothes, school supplies, medical care, and many other important resources to thrive. Child support is an important component of working in a child’s best interest. Washington’s child support payment laws can be confusing, but know that you do not have to navigate them alone. Understanding some of the basic components of how the child support system may help you anticipate child support obligations and how such payments may impact your life. Reach out to a distinguished Walla Walla child support lawyer to learn more about how to manage your child support obligations today.